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Soft Butch Show Queen, Mark J Wilson Comes to the Butterfly Club

Soft Butch Show Queen, Mark J Wilson Comes to the Butterfly Club

Showing at the Butterfly Club this January, is this summer's hottest ticket - 'Soft Butch Show Queen'. Starring established performance artist and emerging independent producer Mark J Wilson (Welcome to Woop Woop, Melbourne Theatre Company) who powerfully delivers.

It's a riotous, galloping ride as this comic mastermind and showman conjures 20 characters in a mind-blowing one-man show. Fasten your seat belts, stow your tray table. It's time to board the flight of the Soft Butch Show Queen.

The production is hysterically entertaining, with perfect comedic timing, cartoon-like expressions and 100% performance physicality. Developed with director Maude Davey and musical direction by Will Conyers. The acting has smart character changes that allowed for slick transformations right before the audience's eyes. It also tells a more intimate side of Wilson's personal narrative.

Wilson is a cancer survivor. He explains that "I hated the label. I got to the point where I had to stop hanging out with other people with cancer because everyone was always getting sick and often dying. It totally messed with my head."

"It wasn't how I wanted to be known. I wanted that part of my history to be erased. I eventually moved from remission to being cued at the age of twenty-five." He says.

Wilson is adamant that this show doesn't tell a dark story. Explaining "Its more about how I survived and could do anything with my life - and that was I ended up with a job working in customer service at Krispy Kreme. I hope it sounds ridiculous - life is."

The show features Coogi jumpers that'd make Kath and Cal envious, and there's a seduction of a blow-up pilot that'll make your grandma both giggle and blush. It's chock-full of 80s tunes musical comedy, drag and good times.

Soft Butch Show Queen opens on the 22nd of January and runs for 5 nights. Don't miss it.

When: Tuesday 22nd 5:30pm, Wednesday 23rd 7pm, Thursday 24th 7pm, Friday 25th 5:30pm, Saturday 26th 7pm, January.

Where: The Butterfly Club, Carson Place, off Little Collins St (between Swanston & Elizabeth) in the Melbourne CBD.


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