James Clark Brings Comedy For Corporates to Melbourne Comedy Festival

Performances are 30th March – 2nd April.

James Clark Brings Comedy For Corporates to Melbourne Comedy Festival

Comedy audiences are in for a treat this Melbourne International Comedy Festival as award-winning stand-up comedian James Clark & Producer Ben Sorensen present "Comedy for Corporates: Work-Life Balance is for Losers" at the Belgian Beer Café, Melbourne.

Clark, a rich, corporate sell-out based in Sydney, offers a fresh and hilarious take on the always busy, work-focused lives of corporate professionals in Australia.

According to Clark, "we can bear any meeting, email, call or presentation, as long as it gets us closer to priority boarding on overseas flights that aren't to Bali. So, if you more than occasionally forget family/loved ones birthday's and you can't relate to the weed-smoking, Centrelink-complaining, ironic t-shirt-wearing comedy from your differently tax-bracketed contemporaries, this show is for you."

With James Clark's outstanding comic timing and unique perspective, the show promises to be a hit with anyone looking to unwind and have a good laugh.

Don't miss this opportunity to laugh out loud and let off some steam with James Clark's "Comedy for Corporates: Work-Life Balance is for Losers" Get your tickets now and join us at the Belgian Beer Café on Thurs 30 Mar - Fri 31 Mar at 7:30pm and Sat 1 Apr - Sun 2 Apr at 6:00 pm.

"Comedy for Corporates: Work-Life Balance is for Losers" runs from 30th March - 2nd April at Belgian Beer Café. Tickets start from $30 and the show runs for 50 minutes. For more information, visit comedyfestival.com.au.

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