Fortyfivedownstairs Announces 2013 Lineup, Gypsy Passion and The Last of the Three Brothers

Fortyfivedownstairs Announces 2013 Lineup, Gypsy Passion and The Last of the Three Brothers

Theatre: Vieux Carré by Tennessee Williams
Presented by ITCH Productions
In association with Midsumma Festival
17 January - 3 February

A landmark for fortyfivedownstairs, the first production in Australia of Tennessee Williams' 'memory play' set in the boarding house in New Orleans where Williams himself stayed as a young man during the Depression.

This is a play which Williams began as a young man in the 1930s but didn't complete until more than forty years later as a fully mature writer of some of the most memorable theatre of the late 20th century.

The young writer, as narrator, remembers his artistic and sexual awakening in New Orleans in an enthralling portrait of the formative years of one of the world's greatest artists.

Director Alice Bishop visited New Orleans as part of her research for the play and as she is not only a theatre director but also a blues musician she was struck by the city's sounds. As a result, the production draws heavily on the rich musical traditions of New Orleans jazz and blues.

A cast of ten, plus two musicians, bring to life the inhabitants of the house as they swirl up out of the writer's mind; haunted by thwarted dreams.

Dates: 17 January - 3 February
Times: Tuesday - Saturday 7.30pm, Sunday 5pm
Duration: 120min plus interval
Tickets: Full $40, Concession $35, Group 6+ $35, Preview $28
Book online or call 9662 9966


Large Gallery: The Last of the Three Brothers
Park Sung Soo
23 January - 2 February

Another first for fortyfivedownstairs; an exhibition supported by the Korean Goverment by Korean artist Park Sung Soo.

These intriguing contemporary brush works reference an ancient story The Last of the Three Brothers. There are three brothers; the first is physically combative, the second is headstrong, the third, though physically weak, is mentally very wise.

The youngest does not lead; he follows his two older brothers and is often chided by them as being weak and limited. However, he who precisely understands his predicaments is ironically very strong, aware of his own imperfections where the others are self-absorbed.

Park usually begins by first setting down the hanji, which is made according to Korean paper-making traditions. Once he has organized his thoughts, he picks up his brush and gets to work. Park's brush, it should be noted, is not a tool for ornate embellishment. It is rather the philosopher's hammer or the magician's wand, an instrument of change. His works seem bold, subtle and down-to-earth all at the same time - adapted from original statement by Jin-mYoung Lee, Curator.

Coming up in February

Live Music: Gypsy Passion
Songmakers Australia
Friday 8 February

We're delighted to welcome Songmakers Australia on their first performance at fortyfivedownstairs; bringing us the passion of gypsy music which has fired the imaginations of composers, performers and audiences for hundreds of years.

Pianist Andrea Katz teams with soprano Merlyn Quaife, mezzo-soprano Sally-Anne Russell and bass-baritone Nicholas Dinopoulos in a superb program featuring songs by Dvo?ák, Brahms, De Falla, Stoltz and Busoni.

Date: Friday 8 February
Time: 7.30pm
Tickets: Full $35, Concession $30
Book online or call 9662 9966

A week of celebration in poetry!

Poetry: A poetic tribute to Barry Jones by his friends and admirers on the occasion of his 80th birthday.
Thursday 12 February

Yes we know his birthday was a little while ago, but we have good reason to celebrate this politician and polymath's great contribution to Australian life and letters. Many people may not know of Barry Jones' great passion for poetry, and in this evening some of his favourite poetry will be read by a distinguished group including Race Matthews, Gareth Evans, Marieke Hardy, Peter Craven, Joan Grant and the great actor John Stanton. Also joining in is the Flinders Quartet and no doubt the chair of fortyfivedownstairs; JulIan Burnside.

Date: Thursday 12 February
Time: 7.30pm
Tickets: Full $40, Concession $35
Bookings available on our website shortly

Poetry:The Power of Love
Helen Morse and Paul English
Thursday 14 February

We have been trying to tempt Helen Morse and Paul English back to fortyfivedownstairs for some considerable time and Valentine's Day was the perfect moment! Working with ABC radio drama producer Anne McInerney, Helen and Paul will be reading some of their favourites from a wonderful selection of love poetry through the ages - love in all its aspects with works ranging from Shakespeare, Browning and Marvell to modern day Australian verse.

This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate Valentine's Day with brilliant poetry, superb actors and maybe even a dinner date to complement the performances. More information coming soon.

Date: Thursday 14 February
Time: 6.30pm & 8.30pm
Tickets: Full $40, $35 Concession
Bookings available on our website shortly


Large Gallery: Dispelling all Myths
Hal Cheshire, Geordie Cole,Tashi M Edwards, Zach Hart, Wade Johnston, Dean Sacred, Teniele Sadd, Biee SaeTang, Capilli Tupou, AnTony VonRatcorpse, Caleb Walmsley, Mel Williams and William Yoneyama.
5 February - 16 February

A group exhibition by 13 of Australia's most refined tattoo artists. Attitudes towards tattooing have changed dramatically in the past decade but the art of the tattooist is still one of mystery and shrouded in darkness. This group exhibition gives the viewer a window into the fine art practice of these talented artisans and allows the spectator a moment within this enigmatic world.

Small Gallery: Souvenir
Jenny Peterson
5 February - 16 February

Broken, twisted and bent road signs may not have an immediate appeal as items of beauty but Jenny Peterson not only sees them as battered survivors but also as souvenirs; recalling the country roads where they were found (or rescued) and then re-presenting them as intaglio prints on paper.

Some sad news from the recent Tasmanian bushfires:

One of our favourite artists, Gay Hawkes, who has exhibited here a number of times, lives at Dunalley, Tasmania. Thankfully she escaped the appalling bushfires in that area, but her house, studio and her complete archive of art works have been completely destroyed.

Like a majority of Australian artists, she has always lived on a shoestring, while creating art that has enriched so many lives. Arts writer and curator Jenny Long has written about "the magical nature of the everyday" as a constant element in Gay's work. We are hoping to help her re-build her life and invite anyone who is interested in assisting to contact Mary Lou on

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