BWW Review: CULL is Hysterical Millenial Madness #FTW at Malthouse Theatre

It's a scary world out there: humanity tiptoes along the precipice of voting in world leaders through 1800 numbers, nuclear warfare becoming the next reality television smash hit, employers selecting candidates by their amount of twitter followers, and new technology taking "mind games" to a whole new level in relationships. But while we can laugh about, we should, and trust me if you've got tickets to Cull, you will. A lot. Seriously one of the friends this reviewer took along to see it had to leave because they'd literally started to wet themselves. And I use the word literally literally.

BWW Review: CULL is Hysterical Millenial Madness #FTW at Malthouse Theatre

Honor Wolff and Patrick Durnan Silva, known collectively as The Very Good Looking Initiative, are a comedy duo that had the audience in uncontrollable fits of laughter pretty much from start to finish and it can be confirmed that a healthy 50-minutes of side-splitting lols makes for a great stomach workout. Cull holds the inconsistencies, depravities and hilarities of social media as it's been exploited by users and creators alike up to the light. As they bring snapchat filters to life, reveal what happens after the neknom video ends, and struggle with knowing a relationship is real enough to give the other person something so intimate and momentous as your wifi password, the audience are faced with their own contributions to this ultimately ridiculous cultural consumption.

BWW Review: CULL is Hysterical Millenial Madness #FTW at Malthouse Theatre

Wolff and Durnan Silva's interpretations of what are legitimate and smart issues are truly inspired and idiosyncratic to their brand of high-energy, expressive and absurdist comedy, a contrast which works all too well. They strike at voyeurism and vindictiveness with precision and unapologetic political incorrectness. Wolff's sincerity as a comedian, as well as her facial elastics, is what makes her the vibrancy of the piece. Durnan Silva's erratic physicality, vocal mastery and bold italic self-effacing made him equal parts funny and bewildering to watch. As a pair their chemistry was solid and the typical uncertainty you can pick up on and can unsettle an audience for an emerging comedy act was not there - these two were truly consummate in their comedic tact, trickery and chops. This show holds vast appeal for all of us who have ever "taken a break from social media you know just to focus on me for a bit, but you can still call me, you know old school".

Must-see. Don't miss. They're super hot and make out on stage which is so a thing. Just buy a ticket. Maybe keep a spare pair of underwear handy. Also make sure you get a ticket. It's so funny you guys like for real.

Tickets available here.

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