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Weathering the Storm show poster

Weathering the Storm at Changing Lives Youth Theatre at CRASHBOX

Dates: (4/19/2024 - 4/20/2024 )


Changing Lives Youth Theatre at CRASHBOX

Changing Lives Youth Theatre

5305 Bolm Rd. #12
Austin,TX 78721

Tickets: FREE!

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The Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble, a collaboration between Creative Action and Expect Respect (a program of SAFE) returns with Weathering the Storm. This new play is written and performed by youth aged 14-18 and follows high schooler Kenzie as she navigates a tumultuous storm of self-discovery.


From the outside, Kenzie has it all figured out. She’s a cheerleader who has caught the eye of her dreamy classmate Sebastian, and everyone thinks it’s a match made in heaven. But when she shares a moment of connection with Sebastian’s friend Delphine at a party, Kenzie finds herself drawn to Delphine’s confidence and self-possession. Meanwhile, there’s friction at home as her family navigates a stressful financial situation.


Will Kenzie find the strength to question the expectations of those around her, weather the storm of adolescence, and explore her own independence?


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