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Virtual Theatre Today!
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Virtual Theatre Today: Tuesday, November 10- with TONI STONE, FAMILY TIES, and More!

Find out what's streaming today!

Broadway might be dark, but that doesn't mean that theatre isn't happening everywhere! Below, check out where you can get your daily fix of Broadway today, November 10, 2020.

*Note: schedule is displayed in Eastern Daylight Time

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Virtual Theatre Today: Tuesday, November 10- with TONI STONE, FAMILY TIES, and More!

12:00 PM

Virtual Theatre Today: Tuesday, November 10- with TONI STONE, FAMILY TIES, and More!Next Year, Some Year - "Ben Rimalower's Broken Records" podcast co-hosts, Ben Rimalower and Daniel Nolen, will will broadcast a weekly hour-long livestream video chat show where they will offer their trademark takes on the music and video content they've been enjoying. For followers of the their podcast and previous livestream ("Tuesday, Thursday, April, August") as well as newbies, this will be fun and fast-paced program of fan favorite segments like "All-Beef Patti," "Who Do You Think You Are?" and "Dolly, Concert, Kill" as well as a whole new roster of features and interactive games with the viewers, plus special guest star appearances sure to delight. click here

Virtual Theatre Today: Tuesday, November 10- with TONI STONE, FAMILY TIES, and More!Interrobang's Premiere Watch-Along: THE SPIN by Spenser Davis - At a time when live theatre is at a standstill, join members of Interrobang Theatre Project and the creative team behind THE SPIN for its premiere watch-along. THE SPIN is a brand-new dark comedy written and produced entirely for the virtual medium. September 2020. Politics are at a boiling point, COVID is rampant and Zoom calls are still the absolute worst. When the Public Works Director of a major city confesses to a horrible crime, a team of spin doctors are brought in at the last possible second to pull off a tough assignment: prepare the Mayor's top aide for a crucial news interview, distance City Hall from the controversy and point the public's attention elsewhere. And do it all entirely over video-conferencing. click here

SAME TIME, NEXT YEAR - Bernard Slade's wickedly funny comedy explores a love affair between two seemingly ordinary people who meet once a year. SAME TIME NEXT YEAR deftly examines the monumental political, social, and personal changes that impact their lives over the course of 25 years. Full of clever dialogue, comical visuals, and unexpected admissions, this play will have you laughing one moment and wiping away tears the next. click here

2:00 PM

A Beggar Upon Horseback / A Beggar on Foot: Part Two - Creating Change in Irish Arts - After exploring the complex intersections of Irish-American and African-American history in Day 1, the second day of discussion will center on the role of Irish cultural institutions in the push for racial equity click here

5:00 PM

Virtual Theatre Today: Tuesday, November 10- with TONI STONE, FAMILY TIES, and More!It's the Day of the Show Y'all - Need a new Broadway diversion to get you through the day? Watch as BroadwayWorld's Spencer Glass broadcasts a very special episode of It's The Day of the Show Y'all LIVE! Which little-known musical theatre treasure will he uncover? Today is all about Fiorello! click here

7:00 PM

Virtual Theatre Today: Tuesday, November 10- with TONI STONE, FAMILY TIES, and More!American Dreams - American Dreams invites YOU to participate in the newest game show sensation - where you, the audience, decide who wins the ultimate prize: citizenship to "the greatest nation on earth." Redefining online theater, this is a participatory performance which changes every night. A funnel for both unarticulated and spoken fears and divisions most current in the U.S., American Dreams meets audiences where they are in debate(s) on borders, immigration, security, and citizenship, and creates a space for connection and dialogue in and between communities about what it means to be(come) a citizen of this country. The show transforms abstract political debates into personal, tangible questions: What shifts when we aren't talking about distant borders but potential neighbors? What kinds and levels of bias do we bring to the conversation? Who would you take a chance on? How far would you go to advocate for your choice? Do you trust the system? If not, why and how do you continue to participate in it? At a time when so many feel a deep divide between various definitions of who "we" are, American Dreams strives to offer something more essential than ever: the opportunity to connect our hearts and minds with people, places and ideas we might not encounter otherwise. click here

Play-PerView: Toni Stone (Off-Broadway Cast Live-Stream Reunion Reading) - A reunion reading of Roundabout Theatre Company's Production of Lydia R. Diamonds 2019 Off-Broadway hit! Toni Stone- by Lydia R. Diamond (Stick Fly, Smart People), Directed by Pam MacKinnon (Tony Winner, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?). Toni Stone is an encyclopedia of baseball stats. She's got a great arm. And she doesn't understand why she can't play with the boys.Toni Stone is a vibrant new play about staying in the game, playing hard, playing smart and playing your own way. click here

#LAOAtHome - Opera Happy Hour- Join Jeremy Frank at the piano in exploration of the ever-evolving perceptions of vocal beauty. click here

Showstopper Virtual Play Series: "A Very Herrara Holiday" & "[keyp-ing]" - One Ticket, Two World Premieres! Nov 21-Dec 13 Join New Repertory Theatre from your favorite device for our new Showstopper Virtual Play Series! Featuring the world premieres from two phenomenal female playwrights of color, this series gives you two live performances for just $30. From the comfort of your home and with optional audience participation, the Showstopper Virtual Play Series is live theatre at its pandemic best. click here

7:30 PM

Honky Tonk Laundry - "Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to Lana Mae's Honky Tonk Laundry!" Beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, November 10 through Sunday, November 15, we are LIVE from The Gordy! Don't miss this hilarious musical about two country angels who join forces to turn their good ol' laundromat into a bootscootin' honky-tonk, while getting a touch of revenge against those that done 'em wrong! Packed with a country song list that spans decades of classic and contemporary hits, we guarantee you will have a good ole time! click here

Nightly Met Opera Streams - Strauss's Salome Starring Karita Mattila, Ildikó Komlósi, Kim Begley, Joseph Kaiser, and Juha Uusitalo, conducted by Patrick Summers. From October 11, 2008. click here

8:00 PM

Stars in the House - Family Ties Cast Reunion with Meredith Baxter, Michael Gross, Michael J. Fox, Tina Yothers, Marc Price and Scott Valentine click here

The Producer's Perspective - Broadway Producer Ken Davenport hosts a special final episode. click here

A War of the Worlds - H.G. Wells enters the 21st century as a science journalist thrust into the events of an alien invasion after a meteor from the "Red Planet" Mars crashes 70 miles outside Chicago at the start of the new decade. Separated from family, friends, and everything they have ever known, the eclectic cast of Chicagoland characters must do everything in their power to survive as our world comes crashing down around them. As the Martians reveal their deadly Heat-Ray and their true intentions, whirling our characters into hair-raising chases across Chicago, one question remains: is life on Earth doomed? Come with us into the dark and let your imagination run wild. click here

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