Video: Meet the Leading Ladies (Who Lunch) of the COMPANY National Tour

The National Tour will Launch from from Schenectady, New York on October 8., 2023.

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We'd like to propose a toast... to the National Tour of Company, which is getting ready to launch from Schenectady, New York on October 8.

Starring in the role of Bobbie is Britney Coleman, who just completed her run in the First National Tour of Beetlejuice. The iconic role of Joanne will be played by none other than Judy McLane, who is a Drama Desk Award nominee and Outer Critics Circle Award winner.

"I've been around for a bit... and the fact that I'm doing Company, just that fact alone... it's one of the greatest musical theatre pieces ever. That is emotional for me," McLane told BroadwayWorld's Richard Ridge.

Company, the musical comedy masterpiece about the search for love and cocktails in New York, is turned on its head in Elliott’s revelatory staging, in which musical theatre’s most iconic bachelor is now a bachelorette. At Bobbie’s 35th birthday party, all her friends are wondering why isn’t she married? Why can’t she find the right man? And, why can’t she settle down and have a family? 

"This is the most meta of roles, because I'll be turning 35," added Coleman. "I don't think our producers knew that when they called me [Laughs], but I thought, 'Well ok, this is going to be really relevant!' I don't have a ring on my finger... so I will be living [Bobbi]'s thoughts in real time in front of thousands of people."

Watch below as both chat more about their iconic roles, the genius of Sondheim, and so much more!