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Hamilton on Disney+
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VIDEO: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Thomas Kail Are Ready to Blow Us All Away with HAMILTON on Disney+

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The revolution begins in just hours! Starting Friday, July 3 (3am), Disney+ will broadcast the hugely-anticipated Hamilton, captured live on stage at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in 2016.

Will it blow us all away like it did in 2015? "We haven't changed a word of it since 2015, and yet I think because it brushes up on the origins of this country and all of the flaws and contradictions therein, it resonates in different ways depending on where we are as a nation," says creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. "I'm sort of awestruck at the fact that different things in the show pop out depending on where we are as a people."

"We made the show to investigate why some stories are told and some aren't. There's clearly a foundational problem. So much of the lives of these men who were made into monoliths aren't examined with the kind of rigor that allows us to explore the dichotomy of people who talked about equality and yet enslaved thousands and thousands of humans," says director Thomas Kail. "Perhaps the moment has allowed a deeper kind of conversation for a sin that has existed for hundreds and hundreds of years."

Watch below as the two chat with Richard Ridge about the conversation that they hope the musical starts in the context of today.

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