Student Blog: Try It on Campus

How I found what interests me by trying out different activities at school!

By: Oct. 31, 2023
Student Blog: Try It on Campus
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I am currently a senior at Oklahoma City University studying Music Theatre and Vocal performance. The opportunity to double major brought me here and is why I love my school so much. OCU offers many opportunities no matter what your major is. Music, acting, and dance students can all collaborate on shows together. Since everything is student-run as well, everyone takes on various roles in the production department. I remember when I was a freshman I wanted nothing more than to be involved in every activity on campus. In addition to performing I loved to read, write, direct, and design. I wanted to be a performer and have other essential skills that come with being an artist. 

I tried many activities over the past three years: playwriting, Greek life, directing, musicology, and artistic directing. I found value in my versatility. Every new skill I added to my toolbox helped inform my behavior as a performer. Seeing every aspect of a creative process made me a more empathic actor. I understand the words of a playwright and the intention of a director because I have been in their shoes. I also had a special interest in musicology, so I pick up on trends within a musical landscape. In my experience, being a performer and “insert title here” has helped me remain well-rounded. 

Most of all, I have really taken to artistic directing. Over the summer I worked at a regional theater under the Artistic Director. My mentor showed me what kind, fearless creative leadership looks like. It was meaningful to see someone lead a theater in an incredibly well-mannered way. Any possible issue we had was handled with grace and care. Now that I am back at school Artistic Directing for student-run musicals, I can use what I have learned from my mentor. 

I have learned how to be a better collaborator with my peers since artistic directing our organization, STRIPPED. We perform musicals “stripped” down to the storytelling essentials. I am honored to serve on the team with five other wonderful friends. We recently closed our first show, 35mm. It was something special to see the show’s run and know the hard work it took to get there. I felt like the ducks that look so collected, but are paddling fiercely underneath. We worked so hard to get the show on its feet and the run was phenomenal. 

My heart lies in performing and artistic directing right now. When I graduate, who is to say what it’ll develop into? If school has shown me anything, it’s that I’m allowed to try and try again till I find where my heart leads me. My heart led me to theater, to OCU, to artistic directing, and I’ll always keep listening to see where it tells me to go next!