Student Blog: No Doppelgängers: Academic Integrity

Academic integrity at school and how to maintain it!

By: Feb. 03, 2024
Student Blog: No Doppelgängers: Academic Integrity
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I maintain academic integrity by using it like an honesty policy. I remember to hand my school work in as only my original work. It’s not often as a performer we can send our doppelgänger into our performances either. People will know! It goes the same for your papers. 

The dance school on campus here has a special policy for their academic honesty. It includes not signing in for others or signing in for a dance class and then leaving. Besides, who would want to cheat in dance? Those two policies to me say: be honest and be present. Both staples of academic integrity.

When you’re present it means showing up to class. By showing up to class you make sure you get all the information you need to complete assignments fully. When you have all the necessary information for the assignment you aren’t tempted to cheat. 

Let’s talk about cheating for a second, cheating in school is hands-down unacceptable. Even when tension is high, an assignment completed honestly is worth more than a copied assignment. Often, it shows your teachers where students may be struggling. The next time you feel tempted to cheat: email your teacher with a question about the topic. More than likely, they will be happy to answer your question and help you. 

Speaking of which, cheating, often takes place due to a lack of understanding about the assignment. It’s important in college to learn how you learn best. It helps to figure out whether you learn orally, visually, or even kinesthetically. Find out what medium works best for your brain. If you can use that medium efficiently instead of having to cheat, you’ll learn the information really quickly.

What academic integrity means to me is you’re putting in hard work to see good results. I value working hard, making the grade, and celebrating that accomplishment. If you cheat every time you are robbing someone else of their work. Lean into your challenges and don’t forget to have fun! Make a study group, ask questions, and communicate with your teachers. College will be more enjoyable when done honestly. 

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