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Student Blog: In Between the Milestones

Nothing is ever too small to be excited for.

Student Blog: In Between the Milestones

1, 10, 13, 16, 18, 21, etc. these are birthday milestones in our lives that we tend to have an extra special celebration for. But just because 2, 12 and, 17 aren't considered as big doesn't mean we don't acknowledge them any less.

Recently my sister Grace celebrated her 18th birthday, which is a big birthday, a milestone if you will and it led me to ponder some ideas: performing careers are just like birthdays, they have milestones as well. There are some accomplishments that we are more proud of and more inclined to celebrate bigger, but that shouldn't mean we don't acknowledge all the small stepping stones that it took to get there. We should be proud of every step we take in this career.

I view living a life in the performing arts as a journey, there is no destination because each new chapter is something amazing to experience. We began taking dance lessons when we were young, we perform in more shows than we can count, some of us will go to college, others enter the professional world, and then retire. That's not to say that we don't have goals or some where we are trying to be because believe me when I tell you performing artists are some of the most driven people you will ever meet.

As I approach graduation in the months that are coming all too quickly, I can't help but reflect on all of the moments however big or small that led me to this point in my life. Every show and project I have been cast in or asked to be a part of, every year I moved up a level in ballet, every compliment I received in class, and of course those few and far in between dance classes where everything just clicks. People may be quick to shut down your joy for accomplishments that may seem insignificant to them, but I assure that nothing is too small to be proud of. These are the moments that mold us into the artists we are.

Some of the many moments in my life as a dancer that have shined a light on who I am were as simple as a few words uttered to me by a practical stranger. People will tell me that they feel something when they watch me dance, that they see the love and joy that I radiate when I move and can feel my passion. These words may not seem like much, but to me they are worth celebrating and mean the world to me. Knowing that my dancing brings people joy and that I connect with them through movement bringings me so many feelings because these are some of the many reasons why I dance.

Be excited and celebrate all of the in betweens that lead to your success. Don't let other people shut you down, allow yourself to be proud of the small things that happen. Whether it's a perfect pirouette or words from a stranger, it's worth letting yourself be proud of everything you do. Your milestones aren't measured on a generic scale of success or compared to the dancer next to you, but on a self defined scale. Everyone is on their own unique, timely journey in this crazy world and will have their own in betweens to be proud of, so why not be proud of yours?

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