Student Blog: Burnout

Burn out is so normal, especially during the end of the semester.

By: Feb. 06, 2024
Student Blog: Burnout

I feel as if we are all running to the finish line that reads “winter break”. Knowing that as a theater major we have work, studying for finals, and even rehearsals can make your brain feel tired just thinking about it. We push ourselves harder during the last few weeks because we know we are almost done, but sometimes you just need a break. How do I overcome the annoying and most of all uncommon feeling of burnout? The answer is simple; I give up… for a few hours. Even though we are told to never give up and keep working, sometimes it is necessary to successfully complete work. Knowing that I have a small window of time for myself to break up homework, studying, and activities makes me feel less likely to rush through assignments and just get them done because I have to, especially with the knowledge that I have to complete more work after. By giving myself time to be alone and enjoy myself I find myself more successful. 

Watching entertainment in some capacity is something that I do to break up my time. It helps me as I get lost in a story during my break. One example of this is watching a movie. I enjoy watching biopics as I learn about some of my favorite celebrities' lives or rom-coms. These two genres are my favorite because I am more likely to have my eyes locked on the story as my brain turns off in a way. Another example is watching interviews on YouTube. Some of my favorites are Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, and Drew Barrymore. It is even more enjoyable to watch interviews with actors in one of the movies I recently watched. Lastly, I really like watching sitcoms. Because most of the episodes are 30 mins long, you get to watch multiple episodes, and don't feel like you’re timing yourself as you watch. Entertaining yourself though the media allows you to shut off your phone and get lost in stories as you turn off your brain. 

Another favorite way to shut off my brain is participating in physical activity. Walking is a really easy way to get physical as you recharge your brain. Getting outside in the fresh air with my airpods on either listening to a podcast or music really helps me reset during a break. I make this activity as long or as short as you need it to be. Along with this I often  change the route of my walk to keep it fresh and exciting. I also find doing yoga really soothing and therapeutic. I keep a yoga mat in my college apartment and take it out whenever I'm ready to start. There are a variety of Yoga classes online, but my favorite is Peloton’s Broadway Yoga classes. There are so many themes to choose from such as Dear Evan Hansen, Rent, and some classes with a range of shows on the playlist. Classes range from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Physical activities help my brain and mind relax and get my body moving and all of the jitters out. 

It is easy to say that “burnout” makes you feel like you never want to do school work again, but it can be prevented. Burnout can lead to stress, anxiety, and bad sleep habits. By taking time for yourself, you can find yourself getting back on track when you are ready. So, the next time you are feeling like if you start another assignment, you are going to explode, go watch a movie, take a walk, or turn on your comfort sitcom and relax.