Shockfest Film Festival to Run at Leonard Nimoy Theater This Month

The festival will play the Peter Norton Symphony Space's Leonard Nimoy Thalia, Saturday, Dec. 9th 2023.

By: Dec. 02, 2023
Shockfest Film Festival to Run at Leonard Nimoy Theater This Month

Shockfest Film Festival to Run at Leonard Nimoy Theater This Month

Shockfest Film Festival: Shock The System brings innovative films, cash prizes, group discussions on surviving in the turbulent world of the modern-day entertainment industry, and live entertainment to Peter Norton Symphony Space's Leonard Nimoy Thalia, Saturday, Dec. 9th 2023.

Special guests include: Lloyd Kaufman (TROMA Entertainment, The Toxic Avenger), Richard Elfman (The Forbidden Zone, Oingo Boingo) and The NYC Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment.

Shockfest is a multi-genre film festival with a focus on providing interactivity, community and tangible value to filmmakers who have dedicated their lives to a business that has proven to be abusive and unkind to artists and storytellers alike...the movie business.

Shockfest provides valuable information, resources and experiences to their audience, peeking behind the curtain and exposing the corruption and neglect riddled within the Hollywood system. All the while, the festival celebrates the greatest aspects of cinema that captivated audiences for generations including breathtaking performances, cinematic visuals and innovative, powerful storytelling. Shockfest's number 1 priority is working to steer future generations of filmmakers towards a brighter, more innovative and lucrative future and they do that with a strong emphasis on customer service and communication with the filmmakers. You can check out more about Shockfest and the various events they organize at or find them on instagram and facebook @shockfilmfest


Peter Norton Symphony Space's Leonard Nimoy Thalia

2537 Broadway

New York, NY 10025


Saturday Dec. 9th, 2023

Red Carpet: 11 am

Doors Open: 11:50 am


Movie screenings for December 9th include:


Dir. Oriana Ng

A dangerous elevator ride tests a couple's bond.

Missing in the Midwest

Dir. Harper Brock

Filmmaker Harper Brock journeys back to her roots to learn what happened to her cousin Joelle Lockwood, whose 2014 abduction case shockfed southwestern Indiana. In addition to Joelle's first ever public interview, this documentary features discussions with law enforcement and her loved ones as they question the lines between good, bad and evil.

Black Maria

Dir. Marcus W. Albino

Ana Morales is the wife of a local gangster, a petty thug with a penchant for violence. When the infamous Allende Brothers darken her doorstep, Ana is forced to confront her husband's horrifying truth. Black Maria is a matriarchal story of brotherhood and bloodshed, of honor found in a den of thieves.

The Company We Keep

Dir. Jeff C. Edelstein

Carter has recently been released into his mother's care following an event that turned his life upside down for the past twenty years. While readjusting to life with his abusive mother Diane and her new live in boyfriend, Carter has to navigate a new friendship with a pair of detectives who might be pursuing a serial killer and being reunited with Katie, a childhood friend who is eager to get reacquainted; on top of everything else, the college girl on all of the missing posters around town is hiding in Carter's closet and wants to meet his mother.

The Molok

Dir. Sam Wilson

Struggling to cope with the death of his father, 10 year old Micah unwittingly falls into the traps of The Molok, an ancient creature who feeds on human memories.

The Book of Light

Dir. Ash McNair and Enzo Cellucci

A group of white people join a cult led by an Indian guru with the goal of becoming better allies to people of color. What they achieve however, is far less meaningful...

The Life of Peter Gottlieb

Dir. Sam Centrella

Fresh off a bitter divorce, college professor, Peter Gottlieb, falls for his student, Sabrina Carbonowitz. All Hell breaks loose when Sabrina goes missing and two hard-boiled detectives make Peter public enemy number one in this broken romantic comedy.

The Devil on Derby Street

Dir. Luke St. Germaine

Chelsea receives a nightmarish phone call and realizes her reality is not what it seems.

Split Second

Dir. Gregory Van Voorhis, Nicole Van Voorhis

A mother and father must fight to save their daughter from a doppelganger who has marked her as its next living vessel. The only question is: which one is she?

Bloody Bridget

Dir. Richard Elfman

Voodoo Deity transforms a burlesque dancer into a "Valentine Vampire". Bloody only wets her appetite-she must hear her victim's beating hearts. Starring Anastasia Elfman, a bloody fun horror/comedy by Director Richard Elfman (The Forbidden Zone), music by Danny Elfman and Ego Plum.

Discussions and presentations will include surviving the entertainment industry as an independent artist, resources available to filmmakers provided by the City of New York, Bloody Burlesque, live music and our Award Ceremony, where cash prizes, custom trophies and laurels will be presented to the winning filmmakers of Shockfest Film Festival 2023!

Shockfest Film Festival: Shock the System is proudly presented by Halloween Adventure, New York's largest and very best makeup, costume and apparel shop located in the East Village.