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STAGE TUBE: Sneak Peek - A Search for Vintage YSL on Tonight's FASHION HUNTERS

On tonight's episode of FASHION HUNTERS on Bravo TV entitled, 'The Promised Land', Tara and Ambria, with the help of Marie Claire Senior fashion editor ZAnna Roberts Rassi, have to determine if a vintage jacket is a real YSL couture piece. Meanwhile, Sex and the City stylist Rebecca Weinberg comes into STA shopping for clothes for supermodel Julie Henderson - her new client. She's looking for a vintage dress and STA doesn't have a vintage section big enough to meet her needs. But Ambria wants Rebecca so much as a client that she completely ignores this fact and tells Rebecca not to worry - STA is her go-to for vintage.

They will have the dress in a couple of days. Though Ambria is basically totally exaggerating, luckily, Karina has a family friend who runs a vintage showroom. The showroom wows both Ambria and Karina with their couture collection and one of a kind items. One of the dresses fits Julie beautifully and Rebecca is duly impressed. Meanwhile, Tara meets with a wild and crazy costume designer who has some amazing Miu Miu and Proenza shoes.

Whether it is a classic Chanel suit or this season's hottest Jimmy Choo shoes, Fashion Hunters follows the fashionistas at Second Time Around as they go out searching the attics, closets and garages of New York's elite. Far from the land of thrift, this hip shop makes dreams come true for shoppers looking for designer fashions on a budget. The team has to deal with demanding customers from savvy socialites to downtown hipsters looking to sell back or buy their next great "get."

FASHION HUNTERS airs 10:30 pm/et tonight on Bravo TV.

To get a sneak peek at tonight' episode, click below!

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