Photos: Get a First Look at THE LION KING's New Simba, Vincent Jamal Hooper

The cast also includes Pearl Khwezi as Nala, and more.

By: Oct. 12, 2023
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The Lion King recently welcomed Vincent Jamal Hooper to the Broadway company as “Simba.” Hooper began performances on Tuesday, September 26, marking his Broadway and Lion King debut.
Check out photos below!
In The Lion King on Broadway: “Scar” is played by STEPHEN CARLILE, L. STEVEN TAYLOR is “Mufasa,” TSHIDI MANYE is the baboon shaman “Rafiki,” NICK LaMEDICA portrays the hornbilled bird “Zazu,” BEN JEFFREY is the warthog “Pumbaa” and FRED BERMAN is the meerkat “Timon.”  Mufasa’s son, “Simba,” the lion prince born to be king, is played by VINCENT JAMAL HOOPER and PEARL KHWEZI is the lioness “Nala.” JAMES BROWN-ORLEANS, BONITA J. HAMILTON and ROBB SAPP portray the hyenas “Bonzai,” “Shenzi” and “Ed.”

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