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Lea Salonga Blogs on BroadwayWorld: March 3, 2010

Tony Award-winner Lea Salonga (Miss Saigon) comes to the Café Carlyle to make her New York cabaret debut in an exclusive three-week engagement. "The Journey So Far" will begin performances on Tuesday, March 9 and plays through Saturday, March 27.

Leading up to and through her run, Lea Salonga will be blogging for BroadwayWorld.com!

For reservations please call 212-744-1600. For additional information please visit www.thecarlyle.com.

It’s been two weeks since I stepped back into New York City… immediately upon arrival, I felt this surge of energy rush through my body, the way that it always and dependably does every time I come back. However, it could have also been that sore throat I was suffering from, and the side effect of whatever medications I was taking at the time.

Oh whatever… it works.

Well, the Allegiance reading and Broadway Backwards have completed, which means that I’ve been spending my working time solely on my cabaret: The Journey… So Far. Our song list is complete, and the patter written. With each rehearsal, things become more and more specific. And the great things is, the more we rehearse, the more stuff we all discover… and more often than not, I find myself doubling over from laughing. Which Dan Kutner (Director) says is totally fine, even during the performance.

I shall be blogging about the process of putting the show together, as well as other fun stuff… like WARDROBE!!! Stay tuned, everyone!

Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to my opening night, and to the entire run in general. The best part is that I have family and friends in the city that will be there every night to hold my hand through it.


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