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Joe's Pub Remembers Pete Seeger; Concert Set for 2/17 to Benefit Rocking the Boat

Joe's Pub Remembers Pete Seeger; Concert Set for 2/17 to Benefit Rocking the Boat

Singer and activist Pete Seeger died last Monday at age 94. Read BWW Guest Blogger Dan McCleary's heartfelt post here.

In light of Seeger's passing, Joe's Pub just sent out the following message:

"Joe's Pub was lucky to have had the late Pete Seeger grace our stage more than once but our lasting memory of him is as much about the power of his music, his gentle soul and the strength of his beliefs as of his stellar live performances. Seeger was a pioneer when being a pioneer meant risking physical and financial safety; a uniting force whose bold actions connected people of different races, cultures and beliefs in meaningful and lasting ways; an American original with dozens of albums and fifty years of activism and art to his credit. Joe's Pub celebrates his life, mourns his passing and strives to continue to keep the spirit of his legacy alive."

"Pete and Toshi Seeger were one of the greatest partnerships I ever had the good fortune to witness. They LIVED their lives with intention and focus and were never distracted from their path. Through Music they celebrated, educated, struggled, fought in the name of peace, Justice and equality. They were blessed to live good long lives and their collaborations with thousands of people crossed many generations, and era's. Kindness, Love, Generosity were the fuel. Toshi was the engine, and Pete was one of those great streaking forces of light passing through and increasing the size of the circle we all gather in." - Toshi Reagon

"My dominant memory of Seeger is how--the day I drew this-- I walked into the back hallway where my drawings were hanging. Seeger was standing back there, alone, slowly looking at every drawing of mine. I was going to walk past, but I really enjoyed anonymously watching him looking at my work. It was such a gift. Anyway, when he got on stage a little while later, I just had to draw him. He was playing with Sharon Katz and the Peace Train. He didn't sing along with The Lion Sleeps Tonight when they played it, but he did introduce it by saying he had had "a minor hit" with it. He was very inspiring." - Michael Arthur, Joe's Pub Archival Artist

"Pete's politics and generosity are an inspiration to us all. He performed with me at Joe's Pub and helped me build a school in South Africa and encouraged me to continue using my music to benefit humankind. I'm sure he and Mandela are singing together and watching over us." - Sharon Katz & the Peace Train

Joe's Pub and Toshi Reagon join to celebrate the life and love of Pete Seeger in "Toshi Reagon's Pete Seeger Community Sing Along" on Monday, February 17 at 9:30PM. Free. This event will benefit the Rocking the Boat organization.

Whether you can make it or not, think about further supporting this amazing organization. They will be taking donations here and at the event on February 17th.

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