Help Gringold Group Pick A New Name For Project Shaw

Well, coming up with the name 'Project Shaw' wasn't particularly original back in 2006.
It certainly wasn't the first NY theatre project and they just keep coming.
In fact, one is hard-pressed to find anything that isn't a project around NY these days.

The 52nd Street Project, The Actors' Shakespeare Project, The American Musicals Project, The Bridge Project, The Broadway Theatre Project, The Cape Cod Theatre Project, The Cello Project, The Culture Project, The Hell's Kitchen's, 52nd Street Project, The Kurt Weill Project, The Mancini Project, The Mentor Project, The Potomac Theatre Project, The Proust Project, The Rapture Project, The Ryan Scott Oliver Project, The Songwriters Project, The Trevor Project, The Village Theatre Project, The Wild Project, The Women's Project, The Yeats Project, and on and on...
Perhaps it's time to bring back the always popular 'Festival.'

Or the 70's 'Connection.'

Or the 60's 'Happening'

or even the 'Shaw-In.'

GINGOLD THEATRICAL GROUP will take a step ahead with the 'Project Shaw' concert reading series and move on... We will be initiating the first ongoing series of fully-mounted SHAW plays in New York City.
Help Us Pick A Name!

Currently there's the 'Shaw Festival' in Ontario and 'Shaw Chicago' in, well, Chicago, of course.

What would you like New York's to be?
We've had suggested:
·Shaw Festival New York
·Shaw New York
·New York Shaw Festival
·The 'your name' Festival
·That Shaw Thing
...or what?
We look forward to hearing from you.



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