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Harvey Returns! Welcome to The Return of special new series on - four time Tony Award-winner Harvey Fierstein's personal MySpace blog of bringing his brand new musical, A Catered Affair to Broadway. We'll be exclusively picking up Harvey Fierstein's blog as he shares his first hand reports from rehearsals to Opening Night (and beyond). Check back for updates as rehearsals get underway!



Thanks to the miraculous work of Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore along with volunteers from BROADWAY CARES and almost every show on the boards, homeless animals got their yearly boost last Saturday.

The streets were filled with reps from all of the area shelters who brought a bevy of adoptable pets looking for a home and some human to love.

Since all of my pets are rescues, this event has a special place in my heart. And since I am contemplating getting a new puppy... Well, you can imagine how my eyes were roaming the streets and shelter vans.

Anyway, here are a couple of photos from the fun day. I hope a billion animals found homes. And remember all of you out there... THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS ARE PUT TO SLEEP EVERY DAY IN AMERICA FOR LACK OF A HOME. So spay and neuter your pets and don't ever buy a pet from a mill!!!!

DR RUTH was in the crowd telling everyone how great a pet is for your sex life!!! Not sure if that's true, but anything that gets a pet adopted is okay in my book.

How's this for PUPPY LOVE? This little guy was named ARIZONA though he was born in Brooklyn.

Ray Ban sunglasses could not protect Katie Klaus from the lure of kittens.

Neither could they disguise the PUPPY-LUST of MATT SCOTT.

But I do think they make me look plenty butch. (Or at least sort of Southern)


The MICKEY MOUSE HAT craze continues. Just because we couldn't play poker this week was no reason not to wear the hat. Right, Adam?

Even company manager ASHLEY got into the act.

As did Philip Hoffman

But I think my dresser KEITH SHAW got the wrong memo.


With TWO WEEKS to go until closing we are all grabbing every opportunity to be together and share moments. Here are Lori Wilner and KRISTINE ZBORNIK either gossiping outside the loo or auditioning for a Tennessee Williams revival. You decide.

Meanwhile... I will keep snapping shots for you, greeting any of you who make it over to the theater to see us, and... as always... keeping you up to date with life at A CATERED AFFAIR. All you need do is...


Zoey's Playlist on NBC

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