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Disney Employee Pulls the Curtain Back on What it is Like to Work at Disney World During the Pandemic

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Disney employee Kinsey Doerr shared - 'I don’t think that it’s ethical to be at Disney World right now. '

Disney Employee Pulls the Curtain Back on What it is Like to Work at Disney World During the Pandemic

Rolling Stone has reported on a conversation they had with one Disney World employee, pulling the curtain back on issues of safety, whether social distancing is being enforced and more.

Read the full story HERE.

Disney World, which opened back up in July 2020, has been under fire for what appears to be unsafe practices in the park, and the decision to open again at all during a time when COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Florida.

Kinsey Doerr, is a ride operator at Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, and shop steward of UNITE HERE! Local 362 in Orlando, one of the unions for Disney World "cast members". Doerr shared what it is currently like to be an employee of the park, giving her opinion on safety, if rules are being properly enforced and more.

"We wear face shields and get three masks that we check out from costuming. We look like aliens half of the time. My dad's a paramedic and he and I are wearing the same equipment, the same PPE to work every day, which just blows my mind, because I operate a roller coaster.

We're not required to be tested at all. We don't have any Disney-only testing centers. We don't have any mandates that say we have to get tested if someone in our area tests positive for COVID-19. They may tell our leadership about it. Our leadership doesn't have to tell us. Some cast members have taken it upon themselves to inform everyone they work with that they've tested positive and basically telling you you should go out and get tested. But Disney will not [necessarily] tell us if anyone that we work with has tested positive."

Doerr continued to say:

"I don't think that it's ethical to be at Disney World right now. And I know a lot of people, even people that I work with, might disagree with that. But this disease hasn't changed. When we went into lockdown, the numbers were lower than they are now. We still have a lot of deaths every single day in Florida. And I think going to a theme park is probably the least essential thing that you could do in the middle of a global pandemic. You don't need to go to a theme park and risk your lives and other people's lives that are there, that have to work, that cannot not be working. We make $13.50 an hour right now, and it's just not worth that small sum of money to put your life in danger every day for guests that don't care."

Read the full story HERE.

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