Contemporary Cuban Art Exhibit Explores The Fabric & Discourse Of Artists Outside Of Cuba

Contemporary Cuban Art Exhibit Explores The Fabric & Discourse Of Artists Outside Of CubaThe exhibition "Relocated: Contemporary Cuban Art", reveals the artistic panorama developed by Cuban artists living outside Cuba over the last fifteen years to the present days. Far from being the result of a representative selection of current Cuban art, the exhibition aims to expose the fabric of artistic discourse that remains in this country beyond the exoticism shown so often by European and American centralism. The show explores the echoes and the subtle relationships that are established between works that are sometimes critical, and always fascinating.

Artworks by artists such as: Alejandro Lazo (Alazo), Alexander Richard Carbonell, Ángel Delgado, Ángel González Urrely, Armando Guiller, Bernardo Navarro Tomas, Carlos Mateu, Clara Morera, Darío Fresco, Esteban Jiménez Guerra, Frank Guiller, Jesús Rivera, José Joaquín Ávila, Juan Salazar, Rosee Camafreita, Lissette Solórzano, Margarita Fresco Crespo Pérez, Nelson Álvarez, Pedro Manuel, Pedro Valerino Martínez, Raúl Villarreal and Williams Carmona.

It has been a long time discussion about the erroneous statement, "Cuban artists working outside Cuba, their creations for some art organizations, galleries and institutions in the United States are not considered Cuban art". With this exhibition we are sending a clear message, "We are Cuban artists". The focus of attention is centered on artists from different generations.

Many of the works selected have in common the fact of working with different levels of meaning at the same time and show in parallel a special taste for the common, the popular and the everyday, aspects that are conferred poetic status and a strange and attractive beauty. The works comprise a broad spectrum of interests, although their diversity does not prevent the interaction between all of them.

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