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BWW Prompts: Which Singer's Catalogue Would You Turn Into A Musical?

Today we asked readers which music artist should be the next to get the jukebox treatment!

BWW Prompts: Which Singer's Catalogue Would You Turn Into A Musical?

We want to hear from you! Submit your response to our daily #BWWPrompts, where every weekday we ask our readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram questions to spark some theater conversation.

Read some of our reader's answers below!


"As a child of the '80s, I'd love to see a Madonna musical. With the right choreographer and a huge ensemble, it could be spectacular!" @PSWhore

"The only correct answer is Fleetwood Mac Rumors with the relationship drama of the band as the story." @thinktheatre

"Aretha Franklin" @callmelady

"Jennifer Lopez. I think we deserve it." @NatalieAlana87

"Joan Jett and Pat Benatar." @LeenyaRideout


"Jason Mraz! The lyricism is already brilliant, add some musical theatre vibe and that's a show I would love!" @mcconley (M. Collins Conley, Mean Girls on Broadway)

"Ah Taylor Swift. You have so much material to work with and definently range of genres of songs." @marissacmaxwell

"Lady Gaga!" @sabrinaaoliverii


"Tori Amos. Musical will be DAYS long." @isvbella__


"Not so much a jukebox musical but more an an artist or band that I think could write incredible music for a musical - "fun." Their songs have great storytelling and dramatic structure. Would love to see what they would come up with." Stacey Brunelle

I'm convinced there is a musical to be made using Blondie's catalog. Wish I could write musicals." Gavin Fraser

"The Monkees Musical (with actual monkeys)" Jay Stephenson

"Elton John/Bernie Taupin's Tumbleweed Connection and Honky Chateau - a Western musical." Larry C. Heitzman

"The Carpenters" Chris McLaughlin

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