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BWW Blog: To All the Broadway Baes

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I wrote down some thoughts about a few of my favourite Broadway Baes.

BWW Blog: To All the Broadway Baes

We all have our favourite Broadway stars but if you had the chance to meet them, what would you say?

People who know me know how I have reacted when I have met or just gotten a liked comment from our local South African celebrities so, in order to mentally prepare myself for the day I meet my favourite Broadway stars, the day which is oh so very far away, like all the way out to Neptune far future. I wrote down some thoughts about a few of my favourite Broadway Baes.

To Aaron Tveit

You make me melt every time I see or hear you. You have this incredible smile and laugh, oh and of course a breath-taking voice, oh my goodness, I can't even handle it. If I were to ever meet you, I would request a little squeeze and of course a photo but I would love to ask you about your journey in the acting world. I love how you weren't the stereotypical theatre kid, who lived and breathed theatre from the womb (which is great too, cause like same). I am forever in awe of your amazing repertoire you have such an incredible range; from the roles you have played on stage and on screen to your incredible concerts! I hope to one day see you perform in person, I don't even have to meet you, just to have the honour of watching you in all your greatness in person is all I ask for.

Good luck with the Tony Awards x

To Christy Altomare

You are such a light. I cannot believe how amazing, beautiful, loving and talented you are. I one hundred percent miss your livestreams, I would always wake up to them before school and they would always start my day off with such love, fun and enthusiasm. If I were to meet you, honestly, I don't even know what I would say, I think I would just say 'Hi' ask for a photo and a hug and then just hold on forever. I am so excited to see you do so much more in the theatre world; which I mean you're really keeping yourself busy. I just really hope I'll be able to see you perform live one day. I bet everyone who has seen you perform live is just overcome with light, love and laughter. I am also a huge fan of you and Pete. I love you two so much, your dynamic is so loveable.

Sending you love for all your projects x

To Ramin Karimloo

Oh, my goodness. You are just proof of what hard work is. I am still in awe of the fact that you were never trained or anything. Your talent is so raw and pure, it just sends the song or performance onto a whole different level. If I were to meet you, photo and hug aside, I would ask you about working with South African actor, Jonathan Roxmouth. I don't think you understand when I say that I passed away, when I saw your post with him while working on Evita. It sent me to the beyond, in the best possible way. I love you and your family, you guys deserve all the happiness and prosperity in life because you're all such amazing people, I say this as if I know you... but honestly, I feel like I do through your social media.

Here's to you and your incredible family x

To Laura Osnes

Girl! I adore you more than the world should allow. You one hundred percent embody all things good with Disney princesses. You are full of so much love, light and compassion. I feel like you're that friend that is down to do anything. You are so creative and honestly so talented. If I ever met you, wow, I would probably cry. But after that, I'd give you a massive hug and request for a photo, maybe, depending on how bad the crying was. You have so much love to give. You're so bubbly and enthusiastic and I know you definitely go through struggles like every other human cause I mean as goddess-like as you are, you are in fact only human, which is so hard to believe but back to the topic at hand. You add light to this oh so dark world and wow you and Nathan are such goals. I have loved every performance I have seen you in, none of which were live but since your Hallmark, Dynasty and A Killer Party the Musical work is so fantastical, I can only imagine and dream of what it would be like to see you live!

Sending you so much princess love x

To Drew Gehling

Sir, can I say that I saw you in Waitress at the beginning of December 2019, unfortunately I was not allowed to stay for the Q&A which happened afterwards and I am so annoyed with my family for making me miss that opportunity to meet you and Kat McPhee Foster. Wow, anyways. Your performance was incredible. I did notice that you kind of broke character because Dayna Jarae Dantzler may or may not have choked on the pie but that just added to the most incredible experience of seeing a Broadway show. Waitress was my second Broadway show and my parents' first and wow, you guys got my non-musical enjoying father to say that he enjoyed it! If I had the chance to meet you, for sure a photo would be requested and now after watching a Killer Party the Musical, I would ask you if you could be anyone other than Cameron, who would you be but I feel like Cameron was such a great role for you, you just performed it so impeccably!

I'm glad you found the 'Big Cat' in you x

I mean since I have written more words for this blog post than I have for my Drama essay, I think I am going to stop there. Even though I have ten thousand million other people I want to write words of love for.

I hope one day, I am able to live closer to New York or even in New York. I even hope to be on Broadway as a techie, light designer or even a Stage Manager, wow ambitious - I know. But for now, I will continue to enjoy the things Broadway stars perform in that can be seen internationally and even though Bootlegs are disrespectful to the art, I will forever be grateful for the bootlegs that allow me to see the endless amounts of productions I will never be able to afford to see.

Anyways, to all of the Broadway Baes, we love and appreciate you. To all of the behind the scene workers, I was once told that I that:

"I am the epitome of one who does not seek the limelight but ensures that it is created so that others can shine."

Which is the furthest from the truth because that is what all of you are. So, here's to you because you made it to Broadway too and you are indeed a Broadway Bae.

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