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BWW Blog: Theatre Breaking Through Barriers' BRECHT ON BRECHT

BRECHT ON BRECHT is playing now through November 20th, 2021.

BWW Blog: Theatre Breaking Through Barriers' BRECHT ON BRECHT

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing Theatre Breaking Through Barriers' Off-Broadway production of Brecht on Brecht, directed by Nicholas Viselli.

The company's mission statement is as follows: "Theater Breaking Through Barriers (TBTB) is the only professional Off-Broadway theater organization dedicated to advancing artists and developing audiences of people with disabilities and altering the misperceptions surrounding disability by proving, once and for all, that disability does not affect the quality or integrity of our art or artists."

Brecht on Brecht was masterfully brought to life by a talented ensemble - Fareeda Pyracha Ahmed, Scott Barton, Stephen Drabicki, Ann Flanigan, Anita Hollander, Dionne McClain-Freeney, Ann Morelli, Sean Philips, and Pamela Sabaugh. I learned about the life of Bertolt Brecht, and was captivated from the first moment the show began. I cannot recommend Brecht on Brecht highly enough.

"Brecht on Brecht celebrates one of the 20th century's greatest and most prolific playwrights with a stunning, kaleidoscopic, 90-minute revue of his life's work. Featuring poems, stories & scenes by Brecht and songs by Kurt Weill & Hans Eisler. Brecht on Brecht explores the political and social issues he faced throughout his life, as an artist fleeing the Nazi Regime and as an exile, ultimately landing in America. Originally produced by TBTB just months after 9/11, Brecht On Brecht hauntingly mirrored our feelings during that time in the world. 20 years later, Brecht's words once again resound with pitch-perfect clarity, echoing all we are experiencing in our world today - and offering guidance and hope for these uncertain times."

Brecht on Brecht is playing now through November 20th, 2021 at the Jeffery and Paula Gural Theatre at the ART/NY Theatres (502 West 53rd Street). Get your tickets here, and 20% off with code "CIRCLE". A fully accessible program is available, and dialogue is projected onto a screen during the performance. Learn more about TBTB here.

You will leave inspired - I certainly did!

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