BWW Blog: Some Of Us Are Invisible by By Katie Looney

BWW Blog: Some Of Us Are Invisible by By Katie Looney

Devising new work is a democratic anecdote to the capitalist commercialization of American theater. By holding space for the invisible, we can begin to build language around systemic oppression and foster curiosity across minority statuses. Moreover, the devising process provides an opportunity for an ensemble to dig beyond the murky concept of intersectionality and become active allies to each other's experiences. The conversation that begins in the rehearsal room of a devised theater piece is only the first of an ongoing dialogue that continues as the audience leaves the theater.

What makes my experience with Honest Accomplice Theatre different than other theatre companies I've worked with [insert infinite anecdotes of being fetishized for my queerness] is HAT's focus on sharing our experiences in smaller groups, abstracting those experiences while still in groups, and sharing our material with the larger ensemble. HAT's process facilitates mutual aid in the ensemble and generates an abundance of material.

Sure, anyone can make theater about the trans experience. That doesn't mean just anyone should. So let's agree to stop diluting trans narratives. It's time for the invisible to take the stage.

Next Monday at The Tank, Honest Accomplice will be hosting Make Some Noise, a benefit event releasing our new video series The Trans Literacy Project and fundraising for the premiere of HAT's latest piece ReconFIGUREd. Tickets are $35 but as a special treat for reading this post, you can get $10 off with the discount code HATBWW. See you there.

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