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BWW Blog: Ryan Bauer-Walsh of Goodspeed's LMNOP - Back in NYC


Hey BWW readers!

I have been back in NYC for just about a week, and last night I was the victim of an attempted robbery. As I was walking to my friend's house to watch TV and catch up following my time away, a car pulls up near me on Riverside and 150th and a girl yells out the window at me that she needs directions. Now, this seemed like a pretty harmless little thing: young girl, needs directions. Ok.

So, she wants to go to Bridgeport University... in Connecticut... even having gone to school in Connecticut, I still didn't know where that was and I found it odd that she was in Manhattan not CT. She said her phone died and if I could just Google it really quickly, she could write down the directions. So I begrudgingly got out my phone, and typed it in, as the directions were loading, her passenger, a young male, tried to rip the phone from my hands as she sped away.

He had the grip of a relaxed hippy and I laughed out loud in shock - shouting an expletive towards the black sedan. Well, I have been back in NYC for just about a week, and I am in high demand!

I just couldn't believe that someone tried to steal my phone. I didn't even have it out when I was walking. Regardless, when being chivalrous remember to maintain caution - this isn't East Haddam! I wish they had given me their names-- they could have had a lovely write-up on Broadway World!

Needless to say, I am missing the quiet and calm of the Goodspeed Campus. But as you can see- New York has something exciting in store for everyone.

The auditions are slow until early September and it has been a good opportunity to collect myself, take a look through my rep book and plot my integration back into reality.

My common list of things to do post show:

1) Stay Busy

2) Stay Busy

3) Stay BUSY.

----Often times after shows, we actors can get down in the dumps due to the lack of structure we are thrown into. The void of existing within a time frame that lacks anything but social calls can do weird things to you. So you must stay productive and busy!

I do actually make a list of things to do when I get back to town, just to create some structure for myself:

-Clean up Rep book

-Schedule Auditions

-Work on a game plan with my agent


-Learn new rep

-Hit the gym

-Sing every day

-Make lists

Ha! Honestly, create lists of things you MUST do----it is good to create structure for yourself.

As actors, we transplant ourselves from one place to the next, creating insta-families around the world. It can be incredibly exciting and can make everything else seem slightly less so. Being back in NYC is always great, but for the most part we, as individuals who are the head of our own companies, are the source of all our self-esteem, warm fuzzies, and persistence. Being without the structure and excitement of a show for a bit can be tough.

I founded my alumni program at The Hartt School and I am constantly sharing day-to-day tips on how to create an existence in NYC and good ways to enjoy that existence the graduating seniors.

Persistence and a good network of supportive friends is incredibly important. Also, finding a quiet place away from everything to meditate and gain some perspective is also of massive importance- whether that is the gym, a comfy chair, your room, or for me; my fire escape.

It is quite literally my escape. It is also where I keep a few pots of soil. Now most of my plants died while I was away, but at one point was growing zucchini and cucumbers and snap dragons. Unfortunately that all had to be cleared away. The dried and dead vegetation that I at one time counted on as symbols of growth and maturation have been replaced by tiny sprouting plants sown with left over seeds from my packets used in creating the Goodspeed Actor's Garden. Starting over can be just as exciting as continuing on. In the life of an actor, we are doing both constantly, so you better start to enjoy it!

I find it incredibly comforting to be responsible for helping something grow. I planted corn, sunflowers, wild flowers, marigolds, and morning glories.

I live by myself, and in New York, it is sometimes nice to know that something is depending on you to wake up and water them. It is also an incredibly good reminder to stay hydrated on those hot days!

So readers, what keeps you sane? What is on your list of things to do? I am sure we would all love to hear how other people cope with the sweet dissatisfaction that is the life of an artist. Stay excited, but stay just so sweetly dissatisfied. It will push you harder.

See you soon, and be careful around strangers in the city!


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