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BWW Blog: Perks of the Pandemic

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During these uncertain times, it has been incredible to have Broadway essentially go virtual because it has allowed me to feel part of the community.

BWW Blog: Perks of the Pandemic

The pandemic has been horrible so far but much like looking at all the positive effects the pandemic has had on the environment, let me tell you why the pandemic has been good for Broadway fans.

I know there are many people trying to find work, hoping their businesses don't die and praying for relief from the current struggle and I truly sympathize with all the people doing all they can to keep their livelihood alive.

But yesterday, I was able to partake in something exclusive and for the fans of Moulin Rouge. Usually, I would not be able to because I would have to pay and the Rand to US Dollar is brutal or I would not be able to participate because New York and Cape Town aren't exactly next door to each other.

Variety had a Q&A session with some of the cast and creatives of Moulin Rouge. This session cost nothing. It was open to everyone and free for registration. The only thing it cost me was sleep which is a small price to pay.

I have never been so content with my life more than I was during that Q&A session. I felt like I was part of the Broadway community rather than feeling like an outsider looking in. I was able to see everything first hand. I didn't have to wait until someone uploaded it on YouTube, I could watch it live and that is something that the pandemic has given me.

During these uncertain times, it has been incredible to have Broadway essentially go virtual because it has allowed me to feel part of the community. I haven't had to watch Instagram stories about how awesome this event was, I got to be in the event which is just so emotionally satisfying.

While I am on the topic of virtual, I thought I would plead my case for bootlegs.

Bootlegs, so taboo!

I get it. I do. I understand why bootlegs are frowned upon. Bootlegs could take away profits from that production, it's disrespectful to the performers you're watching and the creators. They can be distracting; they probably are very distracting. But bootlegs give amazing productions a wider audience. A bootleg reaches the Broadway community outside of Broadway.

Because of bootlegs, I have been able to watch some amazing performances and productions that I would've never been able to see, like Catch Me if You Can and Anastasia. I think we can all agree that bootlegs wouldn't be that much of an issue if we got pro shot recordings of productions released once the production closes but that's a whole different discussion.

For people against bootlegs, I get it but imagine living in a different country or being broke and all you have of a new production is sometimes an original Broadway cast album. Not getting to see those performances of those songs and probably never getting to see it.

It really is difficult to be part of a community that is so far away. But I love the Broadway community and I want to say again how much I pray for those struggling right now but this pandemic has given Broadway fans from afar the ability to be involved and apart of the community and I will forever treasure this year for that. Being able to be part of something so beautiful and amazing from home while everyone else is at home.

I feel like I am a stuck record player, repeating myself but seriously I feel so connected to performers through their songs from the cast albums but I have never been so emotionally connected to Broadway performers and the community than I did during that Variety Q&A. That's why things like Stars in the House are so important to me. I feel like I am in a different world where I live in New York.

But then the moment ends and I'm back in Cape Town and back to the reality of the pandemic but I will always get to have that perk of the pandemic.

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