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BWW Blog: My 2020 in a Nutshell

The most eventful yet anticlimactic year, yet.

BWW Blog: My 2020 in a Nutshell

Well, that is a wrap on the first year of university. So, satisfying yet so strange.

I went to go pack up my res room recently and wow.

The university was a ghost town and being back after nine months was so strange.

This year was filled with lots of laughs amongst my new found friends. In the time that we had we made some of the goofiest memories together and I managed to find myself a second family, can you believe it.

But then the virus hit and we all went our separate ways but still kept in touch.

We made birthday videos for each other so we could feel some kind of normalcy. It was beautiful and so lovely. Considering the only place that I could do was go to the grocery store or petrol station or pharmacy.

I started writing for the Broadway World, which has been a dream.

Online university has been hell. I will not lie. I hated every minute of it and hoping for a better year next year.

I have cried, oh so many times. Happy tears and sad tears. I have laughed. I have realised who is important in my life and who is not. I have become even more obsessed with musicals and theatre.

No one said that university was easy but I can tell you that for the six weeks that I was doing face-to-face learning, it was so much easier than online learning. I mean online learning has its perks, don't get me wrong. Leniency in terms of hand-in days and easier assessments than if we had to do in person examinations and of course being able to work through the work at your own pace. But the lack of substance in the material given, the lack of communication and guidance has been difficult. Forever being unsure if you're doing the right or wrong thing has been terrible.

But enough with that.

This year has thrown so much at every human and has tested our limits but this year introduced me to some of the most amazing human beings that I could ever meet. I have met some of my best friends. I have done better in school than I ever have. I have never felt more love and support from friends before in my life.

And the most important thing is, for some reason there is this universal Christmas aura around. It just feels so festive. More so than in the past and it is clearly because everyone is fed up with this year.

This year has been about patience, education and self-acceptance. As horrible as it has been there has been a lot to come from it and for that I am grateful for this year. For the friends, time with my family, the opportunities, the inspiration and creativity.

As grateful I am for this year, I pray for better one next year. But for now stay merry and bright.

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