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BWW Blog: Life's “Marvels” - Why Breaks in Your Timeline are Necessary


Contains minor spoilers from episode 1 of Marvel Studios' "Loki".

BWW Blog: Life's “Marvels” - Why Breaks in Your Timeline are Necessary
Tom Hiddleston as Loki Laufeyson in Loki.
(Image credit: Marvel Studios/ Disney+.)

The only thing I've wanted to do lately is to take one entire day to lounge in bed in my favorite pjs, bask, like a cat, in the warm sun shining in through the windows, and watch every single one of Screen Rant's YouTube videos about Marvel's new Disney+ series, Loki.

Yet when I pick a day to do this, just as I begin that day of unbridled "rest and relaxation", I'm met with thoughts we've all experienced. Much like the God of Mischief himself, these thoughts are uninvited and troubling: "Are you seriously taking a break right now? When you should be working? How dare you. If you're not working, then what are you except lazy?"

Guilt engulfs me and and I surrender to its demand to work that day instead.

Sound familiar?

Our culture glamorizes overworking and burnout. It's a tacit rule: if you're not working, you are, in essence, worthless and will never achieve anything. Wha-at? When reading this, it rings as ridiculous and completely untrue. That's because it IS ridiculous (AND completely untrue)!

When you work ceaselessly, the same work that at first brought you pleasure becomes arduous, irksome, and drains the joy out of life. Think about it like this: cars cannot run without the proper maintenance. If you ignore a car's need for occasional tune-ups, it begins to break down from the inside and ultimately will abandon you in the breakdown lane. Ultimately, the car ceases to work.

Our bodies and minds like are machines. They can't function without proper care and maintenance. Work breaks are not something to pass up, they are necessary. Whatever your break looks like, whether it's watching Loki videos or something else, don't feel guilty for taking the break that your body and mind so desperately need to function optimally.

Stepping away from your work can help you remember why you "Marvel" at it in the first place. Pun completely, 100% intended. Post break, you produce better quality work because you are fresh, renewed and able to fall in love with what you're doing all over again. Breaks give you a chance to relax, and help your work to be better. It's a win-win!

Now, if that has not yet convinced you, consider this: breaks are an integral part of the Sacred Timeline. Take them. None of us need a Nexus event on our hands!

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