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BWW Blog: Gift Guide for the Theatre Lover

I hope this list helps someone give the perfect gift this holiday season!

BWW Blog: Gift Guide for the Theatre Lover

It's the holiday season, which means it's the season of giving, and everyone is looking for that perfect gift for the theatre lover in their life. But with theatres still being shut down, getting the go-to gift of tickets to a show doesn't seem like the best option this year. Don't fret, the internet is a vast place which means there are tons of gifts you can find without having to even leave your home. For your convenience, I have also broken them down by category, so hopefully at least shopping for the theatre people in your life is a breeze.

For the singer/vocal health enthusiast:

For singers specifically, a singer's mask may be the perfect 2020 gift. It's practical, yet also ironic and quite funny. I mean have you seen what those things look like? A vocal steamer is another good thing for performers to have, although there is a good chance, they already have one if they're serious about their vocal health. These can be purchases at most places and depending on the quality, aren't too pricy. Another thing many (including myself) use to keep their voice feeling and performing well is Throat Coat tea by Traditional Medicines. While there is debate on if the flavor of the tea is good, it is generally agreed upon that it is soothing.

For the one who's always on the go:

While on the topic of drinks, many theatre artists find staying caffeinated to be almost important as staying hydrated. But being on time is also incredibly important, which means it isn't always feasible to make that stop at Starbucks before rehearsal. That's why a travel mug is a great gift for the tired, but constantly Working Theatre person. Juggling a mug, script, shoes, snacks, and whatever else one may need that day can also become quite the struggle. Tote bags make for the perfect accessory to carry all items to and from rehearsal, plus they can be personalized!

For the one who needs to destress:

These next two gifts, tea, and essential oil are pretty basic, but they can make a world of difference. There are many teas out there, some are blends specifically for de-stressing or calming. Others, like chamomile or peppermint, have those qualities on their own. The same goes for oils. One of my favorites and one of the most common for calming is lavender oil. You could also go the route of getting a blend specially made for that. Once you research what teas and oils have de-stressing and calming qualities, it's a matter of knowing what flavors and scents the person you're buying for would enjoy the most.

Other general items:

Notebooks, pens, and highlighters! In my mind, you can never have too many. As long as you're in a process, there are notes to take and scripts to mark. Blankets and socks are always nice to receive. Sometimes the theatre can be freezing, so these are handy to have around. And nothing feels better after a long day in the theatre than to snuggle up with a warm blanket and some fuzzy socks. Another popular thing to do after rehearsals or shows is to go out to eat, because who wants to cook after a long day's work? Find out where that theatre person in your life loves to eat with their cast and get them a gift card to that restaurant. Lastly, I'd recommend checking out Etsy for anything more specific to a show. Yes, most shows have merch available on their websites, but on Etsy, you generally don't pay as much, the products are more unique, and you are supporting small artists.

I hope this list helps someone give the perfect gift this holiday season!


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