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BWW Blog: Dear Evan Hansen the Movie Musical

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Could this movie lead Ben Platt to becoming an EGOT?

BWW Blog: Dear Evan Hansen the Movie Musical

Another musical, another movie!

If you haven't heard the news, the much beloved and Tony-winning musical, Dear Evan Hansen is being adapted into a movie musical. We finally know who is playing who. So, I decided to give you all the information along with my unasked-for opinions.

Reprising his role as Evan Hansen is the one and only, Ben Platt. I mean that's just the icing on the cake. But I will say that despite being super excited to see Ben reprise his role, I was really hoping one of the younger Evans would get that chance. You know, Andrew Barth Feldman or Taylor Trensch. But Ben Platt is still fabulous for the role.

Heidi Hansen is going to be played by the incredible Oscar-winning actress, Julianne Moore. I had no idea that Julianne Moore could sing but I am beyond excited to see her play Ben's mother. I'm going to be saying this a lot in this post - I would've loved to see Rachel Bay Jones return but we can't have everything so we have Julianne Moore excited, that's pretty fair.

Introducing, Kaitlyn Dever! Kaitlyn will be playing Zoe Murphy. I never knew Kaitlyn Dever could sing. So, I am so excited because Kaitlyn is a super talented actress. Again though, I would've loved to see Mallory Bechtel or Gabrielle Carrubba. Especially, would've loved to see Ben and Laura Dreyfuss reunited but still very excited to see Kaitlyn's take on the role.

Cynthia Murphy is going to be played by Amy Adams. Wow! Am I not so excited to see that? The last time I saw Amy Adams sing was in Enchanted in the 2000s and now, she's going to be in Dear Evan Hansen - beyond excited! I would've loved to see Jennifer Laura Thompson return but we love.

Danny Pino from Law & Order: SVU is playing Larry Murphy. I had no idea he could sing so I am very excited to hear him. But I will say yet again, would've loved more than anything to see Michael Park reprise his role. I do love that Danny Pino and Michael Park were both part of Dick Wolf shows. Anyways moving on...

This is the most exciting casting for me personally, and it is the role of Connor Murphy, now if I couldn't have Mike Faist or Alex Boniello in this role, I am super happy that they cast Colton Ryan! Colton was part of the Original Broadway Cast of Dear Evan Hansen and honestly, we love to see understudies and ensemble members moving up into the limelight to get the love they deserve.

Alana Beck is being played by Amandla Stenberg. Don't come for me or anything but I have heard of her but I have never seen anything she has been in but I am excited to see a fresh take on the role.

Jared Kleinman is going to be played by Nik Dodani, again, never seen anything he has been in but I am excited to see what he does with the character.

They have introduced a friend for Zoe, thank goodness. The character's name is Oliver. This role will be played by DeMarius Copes! So excited for that, he is so talented!

Could this movie lead Ben Platt to becoming an EGOT?

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