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BWW Blog: Clue the Musical

Why make a dream cast of a dream musical and hope for it to happen, when you can make it happen?

BWW Blog: Clue the Musical

I have loved Clue for as long as I can remember. Arguably my favourite movie of all time. While watching Clue for the millionth time, I managed to cast a cast full of Broadway icons. Because the alleged remake will destroy the iconic original.

So, let it be known, I promise to attempt to make Clue the Broadway Musical - even though I have no musical ability - determination is what will get this to the stage.

Introducing the dream cast of my dream musical:

Wadsworth, the Butler. Wadsworth was originated by the legend that is: Tim Curry, and honestly if there was a movie remake there is no one on planet earth who could replace the legendariness that is Tim Curry. But there is a certain Broadway actor, who I feel would fit perfectly into the roll.

Christian Borle!

Now, Yvette the French maid. I would love for Yvette to be played by a ballerina. There is just something about Yvette that I was like YES, ballerina! So, the roll of Yvette is my favourite ballerina from Broadway, Lyrica Woodruff.

Next, the cook, also known as Mrs Ho, I would completely take that role because hi, Caiti Ho BUT since Mrs Ho is such a minor role, I took the opportunity to cast my favourite person who I have the privilege of seeing live, NaTasha Yvette Williams. No other reason other than her endless talent and I adore her.

On with the main characters, the ones you will recognise from the board game.

Colonel Mustard. You need someone who can be tough, funny and vulnerable. Someone who can say the iconic lines:

"I came into money during the war when I lost my mommy and daddy"

"This is war, Peacock! Casualties are inevitable."

Only one person came to my mind. That is a line, I had three potentials and ultimately decided on Norbert Leo Butz, for obvious reasons.

The hardest person to cast, the icon that is Mrs White. You need someone who can show no emotion but be hilarious at the same time, someone who can be tragic and elegant all at once. There can only be one Jackie Burns. I am honestly so proud of this casting because I genuinely think it is a match made in heaven. Just imagine Jackie Burns saying:

"it-it- the f - it -flam - flames. Flames, on the side of my face, breathing-breathl- heaving breaths."


Speaking of classic, it wouldn't be right for me not to talk about either Queen Laura Osnes or legend, Aaron Tveit. But since there is no role that really screams "AARON", Laura is the next casting. Laura Osnes as the icon, Ms Scarlett. I think I matched Laura to this role because Ms Scarlett gives me Bonnie Parker vibes.

The best character in the entire movie. I mean the movie has little to no flaws but Mr Green, is perfect. He is just a king and icon and we love him. He is a nervous nelly, a double agent and a fan favourite. There is honestly no one better to scream:


And to slap Mrs Peacock across the face and say:

"Well, I had to stop her from screaming"

Which brings us to Mrs Peacock. I have nothing else to say other than Bernadette Peters.

Unethical doctor, anyone?

Who to cast as Professor Plum other than Broadway's unethical Doctor Pomatter, Drew Gehling. A talent in his on right. Another match made in heaven, if you ask me.

And to round up this iconic cast, playing Mr Body the incomparable Ramin Karimloo.

I know there are many more characters like the driver, the policeman, the singing telegram and of course the chief but they're the surprise of the production.

I am so in love with the idea of a Clue the Musical. All the iconic lines and scenes I can see them on stage as a big Broadway number.

Manifestation. It will happen. But until then, go watch the movie, if you have gathered its pretty iconic.

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