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BWW Blog: Bridging the Gap - Martín Acuña's Mission with Podcast BACKSTAGE TALK

As the one year anniversary of his podcast BACKSTAGE TALK approaches, Martín Acuña reflects on how it all came about and what he hopes it will bring to others.

BWW Blog: Bridging the Gap - Martín Acuña's Mission with Podcast BACKSTAGE TALK

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of interviewing Martín Acuña, host of BACKSTAGE TALK podcast. Twenty-six years old and currently based in Colombia, he has a contagious passion and spirit for the arts and storytelling. What really struck me, though, is his unique mission that he hopes to achieve with his podcast and his work on social media management and digital marketing.

"BACKSTAGE TALK focuses on sharing people's stories that normally wouldn't get told. Those who are backstage, in the background; producers, production managers, stage managers, ensemble," Acuña says, "that the spotlight sometimes doesn't cover."

The podcast was born after a short trip to New York that inspired Acuña. "I realized that [after my trip], aside from my dream of working on Broadway, what I want to do is close the gap between Musical Theatre in Colombia and the US. I want to bring the work standard of Broadway to what we do here, and the podcast has been just the beginning of that."

Acuña has interviewed an impressive list of arts workers that continues to grow, including Broadway's WEST SIDE STORY production manager Chris Luner (@chris_luner on Instagram), Sam Leicht of THE LIGHTNING THIEF (@leichtning on Instagram), Jane Bruce of JAGGED LITTLE PILL (@janeybrucey on Instagram), and Broadway producer Sharon Fallon.

"As a Colombian, I used to see Broadway as so far away," reflects Acuña, "but getting to have a Broadway producer on the podcast was mind-blowing. I was a bit star-struck!" He laughs. "It was amazing; not only is the podcast getting me closer to my purpose, but also to my dreams. I've learned that you can reach [your dreams] as long as you keep trying."

You can check out BACKSTAGE TALK on their Instagram here, and Facebook here, and listen to the podcast on every streaming platform. Also don't forget to give Martín a follow on his Instagram, @themartinacuna.

Each podcast episode gets deep in the weeds about the guest's background and job within the industry. BACKSTAGE TALK's most recent episode with Santiago Sanmiguel (@zoordo on Instagram), an entertainment lawyer and hobby musician, is available in Spanish and will soon be available in English.

Acuña hopes that his podcast is a launchpad for "merging Broadway industry standards into Colombian theatre". Because of people like Martín Acuña, the world is a little more knowledgeable, accepting, and inspired.

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