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BWW Blog: Adam Lendermon of Maltz Jupiter's A CHORUS LINE - Pre and Post Show


After an invited dress rehearsal and three previews, opening night is finally upon us. Our bodies are all thankful that rehearsal has slowed (we are only called 2-5 today) and I am thoroughly enjoying my morning off as I sit here in my bed with my laptop. The sun is shining through my window and I just hummed a tune to a little blue bird that flew in and landed on my finger. Pardon me one moment while I wash the bird flu off my hands...

Where were we? Oh, right....opening night. According to the producing artistic director, Andrew Kato, our run is already 90% sold. With theatres closing around the country and subscriptions in decline, I think we can all agree that this is something to be #grateful for. He also announced that the Maltz Jupiter Theatre has been nominated for 19 Carbonell awards (those are the South Florida theatre awards for those of you who just furrowed your brow, perplexed). My opening night outfit is pressed, "thank you" cards written, and I'm freshly shorn for the occasion. Rumor has it there will even be a "step and repeat" at the party. Nothing ensures a group of actors clobbering each other, vying for time in front of a camera to take their newest Instagram or Facebook pic like a red carpet backdrop. I'll be sure to record the events of the evening, the triumphs and debaucheries, and share them with you once I recover. But for now I'm signing out to revel in my morning off.

Post show (or "Why is there glitter in my bed?")

You know what I hate most about opening nights? For two plus hours I've been sweating profusely and then I have to pour my slimy body into nicely pressed, clean clothes. Moreover, I continue to sweat in them, because I have yet to cool down from the finale. My only comfort is in knowing that we are all in the same boat and hoping that my performance was solid enough to forgive any unsavory odor. At any rate, the party was lovely. There were a few highlights of the evening worth mentioning. As we were taking group photos in front of the "step and repeat", Andrew Kato (producing artistic director) brought out a platter of deviled eggs, insisting that we all take one to hold for the next photo. Ever the cynic, I was about to make a salty comment when he explained why. The first season the theatre opened, they had such a small budget for the opening night party that all they could afford was a tray of deviled eggs from Publix. And so it has become a tradition that on opening night, the cast takes a photo holding deviled eggs. Absurd AND sentimental? Well done, Andrew. Well done. At some point (though I can't say how or why, because I was standing too far away) there was an impromptu push-up contest between Andrew Kato and a female crew member. That was a real crowd pleaser. All in all, I'd say it was a successful night. I ate, drank, was entertained, and felt appreciated. Being congratulated by Broadway's Gary Beach as I made my way to the buffet was just the cherry on top. Here's to a successful run for a talented and hard-working cast!

On our dinner break during tech, I bought five pair of bangs for $0.42. It was the best money I've ever spent in my life. Pictured left to right: Logan Keslar, Jessica Dillan, KC Fredericks, Anne Bloemendal, and Adam Lendermon

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