Update: Andrew Lloyd Webber Issues Statement Following Backlash To Calling CINDERELLA A 'Costly Mistake'

The composer called the production a 'costly mistake.'

By: Jun. 12, 2022
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At yesterday's closing performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cinderella, director Laurence Connor took to the stage following the performance to talk about the creative process of cold opening the production on the West End, and to commend the company including leading lady Carrie Hope Fletcher.

He also shared remarks from the show's composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber. Upon mention of Webber, the audience vocally reacted - booing.

Webber's noted remarked "I am hugely sorry not to be able to be with you today, but I want to thank everyone from our fabulous cast, crew and musicians, the superb creative team..."

"I keep thinking if only we had opened three months later, we wouldn't have had to postpone our opening twice because of COVID. I promise you we would have been here for a very long time to come."

"My huge thanks to everyone. We kept the government's feet to the flames and led the charge to the West End opening again. It might have been a costly mistake, but I am proud of what we did and will forever be grateful to everyone who supported me."

In response to the terms 'costly mistake,' the audience once again responded vocally.

"Cinderella got some of the best reviews of my career and I am immensely proud of it and it's hugely due to you all..." concluded Webber's note.

Following his remarks being read after the performance, Webber issued another statement which read: "I am devastated to have been reported to have said that my beloved production of Cinderella was a 'costly mistake.' Nothing could be further from the truth, and I am very sorry if my words have been misunderstood. I adore this production and I am incredibly, incredibly proud of Cinderella and everyone who has been involved in our show. We were desperate to support the West End after 2 years of a devastating pandemic and the mistake we made was trying to open too early, meaning we had to postpone twice. Everything we did was to try and support the West End and get everyone back to work after the worst period in our history. For now, I want to say thank you to everyone involved in Cinderella for all you have done."

A revised version of Cinderella is expected to open on Broadway next season.

Hear the full remarks and watch the entire curtain call in the video below.