Andrew Lloyd Webber Considering Live TV Musical, Memoir, and Bringing LOVE NEVER DIES to D.C.

Recently nominated for a Tony Award for his score of SCHOOL OF ROCK, the legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber discussed his career, including potential upcoming projects like an original TV musical, a memoir, and more, in a recent interview with the Washington Post.

In the interview, Lloyd Webber discussed the most recent shows he's added to his resume, such as "Love Never Dies" and "Stephen Ward." The composer also spoke about his recent medical ailments, such as prostate cancer and, more recently, a severe back condition, for which he was medicated. "I've had effectively four missing years with the cancer and the back pain," he said.

Now reportedly fully recovered, Lloyd Webber is looking towards the future. Both "Cats" and "Sunset Boulevard" making major comebacks in the international theatre scene. "Love Never Dies," which was met with severe criticism upon opening, is in talks to make its US premiere at the Kennedy Center, in a version he "likes much better."

Lloyd Webber also said he is considering pitching an original musical to be broadcast live on NBC, similarly to Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella."

Finally, Lloyd Webber mentioned his potentially writing a memoir, commenting, "The trouble with autobiographies is, if you write what you know, nobody will ever speak to you again. And I know an awful lot."

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