AVI FOX-ROSEN Set for Four Brooklyn Shows

By: Oct. 05, 2013
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Hot on the heels of "Scary," the tenth installment of his EP-a-month project for 2013, the prolifically quirky Brooklyn singer-songwriter Avi Fox-Rosen celebrates passing the 50-songs-produced-this-year benchmark by taking that same concept of fervent frequency to performing live at the following venues:
October 10th PETE'S CANDY STORE 9pm October 27thFREDDY'S BACKROOM AND BAR 11pm
709 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 627 5th Avenue, Brooklyn
718 302 3770 718 768 0131
November 7th PETE'S CANDY STORE 10pm November 13thSPIKE HILL 9pm
709 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 186 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn
718 302 3770 718 218 9737
October is upon us, and in this month's album, your favorite hyperactive songwriter explores all things SCARY. All that terrifying stuff you'd rather not think about, but can't avoid... Yup. He made an album about it. BOO!!! Mortality. Obscurity. The Apocalypse. Dead Exes who sing you ballads. What other artist can you name who offers you this flavor of cynical fatalistic pop, with a sprinkling of earnestness? Just sayin'. Because Avi eat genres for breakfast, the music ranges from thrashy swaggering disco, to atmospheric pop, to the vaguely Mediterranean, to a maudlin funeral march.
Avi Fox-Rosen continues on his mission to release a brand new album of music every month during 2013. This diverse artist who was nominated for an Independent Music Award for Eclectic Album of the Year, has been called "[one] of the most accomplished and interesting [artists] in the New York music scene" The Jewish Daily Forward. "Avi doesn't seem in any danger of slowing down. His initial release in the series got a thumbs-up here and since then the albums have only gotten stronger. If he keeps this project up for the rest of the year, there won't be another artist in the world who'll be able to keep pace." New York Music Daily
Avi Fox-Rosen makes music with a sardonic sense of humor, dense and dark lyrics, and enchantingly twisted melodies. Lucid Culture
calls him "Donald Fagen's equally gifted more ill-at-ease bastard stepchild." Satire, parody, spoof, funny as heck are just some descriptions the music press associate with Avi. But this Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter is equally known for his "perfect alto and David Byrne-like gymnastics...strongly reminiscent in both tone and emotional heft of Jeff Buckley...His guitar practically drips with the earnestness that's boiled over from his voice...Lyrically, he has his Dylan moments, waxing poetic...endearingly sentimental."
This month's album features the fabulous talents of drummer Chris Berry, violinist Rima Fand, drummer and percussionist Yoni Halevy, trumpeter Ben Holmes, and keyboardist Dave Melton.
Avi, first caught the attention of the New York Times when he performed with Mira Awad, The multi-talented local shows a multitude of layers and styles playing regularly in New York, and has toured nationally and internationally with Frank London, Pharoah's Daughter, Corn Mo's .357 Lover, Yiddish Princess, Daniel Kahn & the Painted Bird, Adrienne Cooper, Benjy Fox-Rosen, and many many more. He also provides original music for the Theater Productions of Jenny Romaine & Great Small Works; and Rima Fand & Erin Orr.
Each EP presents 3-7 songs built around one timely concept. {See below.} Digitally released on the first of the month, they all stream for free at www.avifoxrosen.bandcamp.com
January → "New Beginnings"
February → "Love" {the good, the bad, and the ugly}
March → "Money"
April → "Foolishness"
May → "Fairy Tales"
June → "Teen Angst"
July → "Amurka"
August → "Under The Covers"
September → "Good and Evil"
October → "Scary"
...and so on through December
Avi online: