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10 Moments We Hope to See in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA Musical

Break out your best cerulean wear because The Devil Wears Prada musical adaptation will premiere at Broadway In Chicago's James M. Nederlander Theatre from July 14, 2020 through Aug. 16, 2020 prior to a Broadway engagement.

The plot follows Andy, an ambitious young writer in New York City, who lands a job at a prestigious fashion magazine. Trying to survive under her stylish yet terrifying boss, she finds herself caught between the dreams she thought she wanted, and the cost of what that reality brings. A joyous, funny and - of course - ultraglamorous story about navigating life's runway to discover where you're meant to be, The Devil Wears Prada is a new musical that gives the hit film a fabulously fresh makeover. Sometimes the best fashion statements are sung.

Knowing not all film to musical adaptions stay exactly true to the original material, here are some moments from the film we hope transfer to the stage.

1. "I don't fit in here."

Right away, Andy admits she doesn't read "Runway" or know the most about fashion, but she's willing to work hard and put her best foot forward. This is the first time we see Andy hold her own and face Miranda instead of walking away completely, and it acts as a great starting point for her character's development.

2. "Can you please spell 'Gabbana?'"

Andy's got the job! But has no idea what she is doing. From answering the phone the wrong way to the awkward taking of the sticky note and then asking how to spell one of the most famous names in fashion, this moment shows she still has a long way to go.

3. "This...stuff."

Miranda breaks it down for Andy, and in turn the audience, and explains how the fashion industry impacts everyone, whether they realized it or not. She delivers this monologue in her soft spoken tone, but instills a sense of terror and illustrates the extreme power disparity.

4. "Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking."

This line is iconic and remains one of the most popular quotes from the film.

5. "I refuse to be sick. I'm wearing Valentio for crying out loud."

This scene consists of some of the best lines delivered by Emily Blunt in the film. Between her denying her illness on the day of the benefit, telling Andy she needs to stop talking and repeating that she loves her job, we start to see more of Emily's character. It would be a shame if any of these moments were cut.

6. "You sold your soul the day you put on that first pair of Jimmy Choo's."

The tables have turned and Andy is now Assistant #1 in Miranda's eyes. She then has to tell Emily that she is traveling with Miranda on the coveted trip to Paris, and Emily gives her the hard truth. It's a great scene between the two where their relationship drastically changes.

7. "If Miranda were a man..."

This scene is a huge milestone for Andy. Not only is the dinner with Christian Thompson significant itself, but it's at this moment we see her attitude toward Miranda shift as she defends the woman.

8. "By all means, move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me."

For the first time in the film, Miranda shows her vulnerable side. Her tough-as-nails exterior is removed and she sits without makeup in front of Andy while opening up about her impending divorce.

9. "Everyone wants this. Everyone wants to be us."

Miranda finally comes around to Andy and says the two of them are rather alike. In this moment, Andy realizes what she has become and she doesn't like it. The climax of the story and Andy's quitting result from this crucial moment.

10. "That's all."

It's Miranda's iconic catchphrase mentioned several times throughout the film, that's all. Like "it's showtime" in Beetlejuice or "four for you, Glenn Coco," in Mean Girls, it's bound to end up in the musical at least once.

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