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Jeanie Prall Wing Has Second Solo Show at Blue Mountain Gallery

Jeanie Prall Wing Has Second Solo Show at Blue Mountain Gallery

For Jeanie Prall Wing, this hymn verse embodies the essence of the feelings behind her art and her life.

For her second solo show at Blue Mountain Gallery, Ms. Wing will present a survey of paintings reflecting her lifelong loves of nature and of art - quiet passions she acquired early in her childhood from her family and has pursued throughout her life.

She remembers her mother Elsie fondly for her artistic drawings and paintings. She remembers her father, William, working at his carvings, sculpture and playing his trumpet long into the night after work. She followed their example and studied art at The Tyler School of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Afterwards, she moved to Brooklyn, NY, and became involved in the arts as a profession, embarking on a career as an art teacher in the New York City School System. In one way or another, her siblings all followed the same life-stream: studying art, music, literature, natural history and related technology. She married, had two wonderful children (who have been supportive in her efforts to express herself) and continues to paint.

"My varied influences have led me to explore those things that have composed the fabric of my existence. I have spent my time weaving the influences of nature, culture, architecture, and technology into the creation of my artwork. These things have been perpetual elements in my artwork throughout. The passage of time and evolution of the human condition in relation to the natural world have been my focus. Things atmospheric, geographic and aquatic have always caught my eye: the landscape, the waters, the grasses, the shrubbery, the trees, the people and other living beings that dwell in these places - the great by-and-by."

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