Review: ANALÍA FARFAN'S INTERNATIONAL AMERICAN BALLET At the 9 Th Anual Booking Dance Festival at Jazz at Lincoln Center's the Appel Room

By Producer Jodi Kaplan, The booking Dance Festival presented an evening of dynamic showcases

JULIETA VENEGAS Comes to Teatro Gran Rex in August

The International American Ballet performed "You Are My Rhapsody in Blue" Choreographed by Analía Farfan at the 9th anual Booking Dance Festival - APAP 2023. (The association of performing Arts Professionals).

This amazing performance took place last January at Jazz at Lincoln Center, as part of the Booking Dance Festival produced by Jodi Kaplan (and associate producer Tracie Stanfield), who presented an evening of dynamic showcases featuring the best of dance from the USA and international guest artists in New York City.

It was a stunning show of 25 extraordinary dance companies performing 30 exquisite and diverse showcases including more than 300 dancers and musicians in one show. It was the most spectacular setting imaginable.

It was an active experience where the audience was free to come and go throughout the evening interacting with the artists without being set to one specific seat. A pretty unique setting and once in a lifetime experience.

A dynamic range of dance companies performed that night. Ranging stylistically from classical and modern, to ballet, hip-hop, dance theater, and traditional dance from around the globe.

JULIETA VENEGAS Comes to Teatro Gran Rex in August
Derek Brockington and Analía Farfan rehearsing for ¨You are My Rhapsody in Blue¨

The piece, "You Are My Rhapsody in Blue", was an epic Gershwin composition arranged by Dr. Michael Fennelly. It was choreographed by the Argentinian Analía Farfan, and for the first time the exhibition featured a full chorus, full symphony orchestra and Grand Piano. Gershwin wanted that scenario to happen, but he died of a brain tumor before he could carry out his idea. But luckily, Dr.Michael recovered all the data and files and finished Gershwin's story.

JULIETA VENEGAS Comes to Teatro Gran Rex in August
Analía Farfan and Dr.Michael Fennelly

The spectacular performance by The International American Ballet together with such a beautiful venue, fully glassed right in front of all the lights and skyscrapers of New York City, created a unique and unforgettable artistic experience for the audience. In addition, as Analía Farfan has always accustomed us to detail, her dancers appeared dressed in delicious tango dresses and feather headbands representing a Cabaret-1920's atmosphere, which together with the movement of their dance, once again succeeded in creating such a charming piece to watch. Costumes by Argentinian designer Viviana Laguzi (Mimi Pinzon) and Analía Farfan.

JULIETA VENEGAS Comes to Teatro Gran Rex in August
Analía Farfan and the International American Ballet members

This beautiful piece came to life with pre-recording music courtesy of Athena Music Foundation, directors and co-founders Michael Fennelly and Megan Weston, featuring Megan's incredible soprano voice. The stellar cast showcased the world renowned dancer Martín Almirón @martinalmironartist (Evita The Musical), Derek Brockington @princederek14 ( Principal Dancer from Dance Theater of Harlem), Dariusz Horvath @dariusz_hk ( Pro Latin Dancer), Misa Mochizuki @misafullmoon ( Ballet/ Jazz), and Cabaret dancers: Anastasia Fedorova anastasiia_fedorova13 Victoria Barysheva @blueberrymuffin_and Nadine Azoulay @azoulaynadine. Stage manager Andrea Bejarano and tech manager Takaaki Ando.

JULIETA VENEGAS Comes to Teatro Gran Rex in August
Michael Fennelly, Megan Weston, Analía Farfan and IAB members

For more information about Analía Farfan and the International American Ballet, please visit


JULIETA VENEGAS Comes to Teatro Gran Rex in August

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