trilogy of errors... Dagenham discounts before opening

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Stage Ents last attempt of a new hit musical for 2014 is already looking to be desperate.

Made in Dagenham is publicly promoting discounts before opening and I hear the box office is massively struggling. This could be Stage Ents third flop musical of the year with I Can't Sing! and Rocky, combined loosing fortunes.

MiD hasn't lit up the box office. It has a very poor ad, it's leading lady is proving no money maker and very little is out there to create a buzz. I hope they have something up their sleeve come September. Its going to need the show to be a smash out winner to get this booking,

Also there is rumours of Motown ditching Dominion and waiting for Adelphi to become free. Nederlanders never even wanted MiD and were happy for Bodyguard to go on thru to Spring next year (maybe not now as Ms Burke apparently is a nightmare on and off stage and certainly isn't bringing in the punters, zero likability) but RUG had contracted the show to come in long before. Now Adelphi is a new company which run equally by RUG and Nederlander and Nederlanders really want Motown over and think Addelphi is the perfect house. I'd agree...
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Really sad if another new show were to fail - though I have to admit it's not a show that has particularly grabbed my interest. I don't think the movie is a genuine blockbuster with a huge popular appeal (tbh I had not even heard of it before reading about the show) and not surprised that the leading lady is not proving a "money maker" - I had to google her name to find out who she was! LOL
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hmmm...from what I've heard AB's attendance has been pretty solid.
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I liked the poster. It intrigued me. And the poster certainly seemed to be everywhere for months in tube stations. But, while the poster worked for me, if ticket sales are truly slow (and the OP doesn't have some axe to grind by posting rumour and innuendo and doesn't really have inside information), then it's not for lack of some effort to build anticipation. (I'm not in London anymore - so I'm not a prospective ticket purchaser).

But, this show still is a month away from starting previews. There's been no opportunity for word of mouth. Discounting to get word of mouth going for previews is not unheard of. There are no reviews - which could affect attendance.
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It is was hard to see who their target audience is? I said the same about I can't Sing before it opened and said it needed decent reviews to stay alive, I was wrong, it did get decent reviews and still tanked. Same path looks ominous for Dagenham, the producers need to grit their finger out.
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hmm..regarding the poster, I have to say it's probably one of most generic posters of anything I've seen lately. It's a picture of a woman sitting on top of a car wheel (which is actually normally sliced off in most reproductions I've seen of the poster). It really says nothing, and the title could be replaced with anything and it would still work. Or not work, actually. Plus, are we supposed to know who Gemma Arterton is?

Back to the subject, I thought it was odd that they were discounting it before it even started. Advances must be quite bad. I'll probably end up seeing it just because it's a major musical at the Adelphi and there will be discussions about it in the theatre circuit. I can't imagine it would be hard to get day seats for it.

I just saw a clip of the press launch and it seemed like a Kinky Boots wannabe with no ripped drag queens and better accents.

Updated On: 8/7/14 at 03:44 PM
Stewart A
I had a discount offer from Dress Circle if booked before 17th August. £15.00 off top price tickets so not a huge discount. I had never heard of Gemma Arterton but Google tells me she's been in some films such as Quantum Of Solace and St Trinians. I have never seen the film of MiD. I will see what the reviews are like and maybe get a day seat sometime but it's not on my must see list of up and coming shows.
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None of this surprises me, I think they've massively overestimated Gemma Artertons appeal and name recognition and the poster is so bland. If there's a fun Hairspray type musical comedy being staged you'd never know it from the advertising

Plus baz in the mail is supporting it, which seems to be a kiss of death. As reliable as his columns tend to be, the shows he supports tend to flop/struggle or not live up to hype (ghost, land, Charlie, shakespeare in love etc)
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They're selling the front row of the stalls in advance for £25.00, just bought some central ones for November. They warned there could be a slight restriction with the stage, but they said it may not be an issue, all depending once they've got the production up and running.
Everything in only for now.
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I can't see this reaching February. It's a real "who cares?" product.
Agreed about poster. Very lame. Feels a bit like a PC version of the calendars they used to have in the 1960s/70s garage workshops with a scantily clad woman suggestively holding a wrench, oil can or vehicle spare part. Think Pirelli used to do them.

Ironically somehow at odds with the show's story.

Maybe they should look to this picture from the Daily Mail for inspiration and rename it LAID IN DAGENHAM and get a few of the cast from TOWIE to star in it.

Updated On: 8/8/14 at 09:30 PM
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Its funny everyone I talk to just doesn't seem to have a real opinion or vibe for the show. Could be a good thing, no real anticipation or bench mark that is it is brilliant could be a surprise hit but if its mediocre it could just get lost.
Interesting one to see as I think a lot rests on the production.


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