OLIVIERS 2012: Did MATILDA Deserve All Those Awards?

April 17
5:04 AM 2012
OLIVIERS 2012: Did MATILDA Deserve All Those Awards?

I guess all awards are purely subjective and depend on the tastes of those who are responsible for choosing the winners. So it's no real surprise that those choosing the Olivier Award winners do not always come up with the same choices as I would make!

It was certainly no surprise that Matilda dominated the musicals awards categories as it had been widely predicted to do so. Sadly though, I appear to be in a very small minority not to have been blown away by this show. I admired and recognized the quality of the production but I have to be honest and say I was quite bored by the piece itself. Its style of humour did not appeal to me and I did not feel it had the "heart" of say, a Billy Elliot.

The musical which most blew me away in 2011 was Ghost. But, I guess with all the hype surrounding the Minchin show, it did not stand ghost of a chance of winning anything!

Performance-wise, my only Olivier gripe is that Caissie Levy was not even nominated. I adored her performance in Ghost and honestly thought it was one of the most astonishing vocal performances I've heard on stage in recent years.


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