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FLASH FRIDAY: Raise Your Glass For Darren CrissFLASH FRIDAY: Raise Your Glass For Darren Criss
by Pat Cerasaro - Sep 23, 2011

Today, as a corollary column to the super-special SOUND OFF EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE of GLEE taking on WEST SIDE STORY's "Something's Coming" by way of the show's newest breakout superstar, Darren Criss, we are putting a focus on this fresh-faced talent and all that he has abundantly achieved so far on the show as he joins the New Directions club at McKinley High in the GLEE's third season, which debuted earlier this week and continues weekly Tuesdays at 8 on Fox. As Broadway babies know, in January Criss will be doing a stint as the lead in the hit revival of HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING, originally starring HARRY POTTER star Daniel Radcliffe, so now is the perfect time to analyze what makes him a star on the rise to watch and why he could be a huge asset to Broadway in the future should his essaying of J. Pierrepont Finch prove fortuitous. We shall see for ourselves come January 3! By looking at and listening to the best performances by Criss on GLEE thus far, as well as sampling some of his solo concert appearances and some truly unique gigs that defy categorization, perhaps we can derive an even deeper understanding and appreciation for his sensational talent as he finally hits his stride on GLEE and takes Broadway by storm. So, tonight, after this, raise your glass for Darren Criss! (more...)

Follies: Flawless With a Flourish
by Nancy Grossman - Sep 17, 2008

Nearly four decades after its pre-Broadway tryout at the Colonial Theatre, the Lyric Stage production of 'Follies' is an homage to the Stephen Sondheim musical, with magnificent costumes, evocative set, rich orchestrations, and an all-star cast. (more...)

FLASH SPECIAL: A Hal David RemembranceFLASH SPECIAL: A Hal David Remembrance
by Pat Cerasaro - Sep 1, 2012

Early Saturday morning, legendary lyricist Hal David passed away at the age of 91, so today we will be celebrating his life by partaking in some of the most memorable and entertaining moments from his starry, sixty-year career as captured on the internet. (more...)

SOUND OFF: THE X FACTOR Boot Camp & GLEE's Big Break-Up(s)SOUND OFF: THE X FACTOR Boot Camp & GLEE's Big Break-Up(s)
by Pat Cerasaro - Oct 7, 2012

This week on Week Four of THE X FACTOR, the first round of contestants to make it into the competition for the $5 million recording contract were let go at boot camp - and, on GLEE, romantic walking papers were issued willy-nilly as four long-standing relationships between central characters came to a conclusion (at least for now). (more...)

BWW Reviews: SIGNATURE SISTERS Christens Signature Theatre's Newest Space—The ShenBWW Reviews: SIGNATURE SISTERS Christens Signature Theatre's Newest Space—The Shen
by Lorna Mulvaney - Oct 27, 2014

In Signature's newest cabaret offering, SIGNATURE SISTERS, the incomparable Sherri Edelen, Signature favorite Susan Derry, and the impossibly young and brilliant Florrie Bagel bring the house down. The three have no trouble filling the room, expressing with delicate harmonies the deep heart of female trios from across the ages. (more...)

Spotlight On ANONYMOUS: Shakespeare's Top 5 LinesSpotlight On ANONYMOUS: Shakespeare's Top 5 Lines
by Pat Cerasaro - Oct 27, 2011

Today we continue our special series consisting of five entries total, each of which highlight a different facet of the rich and wonderful world of William Shakespeare and all with a particular emphasis on the controversial new feature film that explores the time, place, politics and goings-on of the Elizabethan era and focuses on the possibility that the true author of the esteemed plays we now know may very well have been someone else entirely - Edward de Vere - and how the question of the canon's true creation then comes into play - ANONYMOUS. "All the world's a stage," after all, so it should come as no surprise that acts of lust, bloodshed and betrayal would exist in the actual life - or even the supposed one - of the man who created the most bloody and thought-provoking tragedies in the history of literature - whoever he may have actually been. Perhaps some brief analysis of the finest leading players, most memorable lines and moments, as well as an exploration of other notable acts of grand betrayal in Shakespeare's plays will aid us on the journey to understanding the thesis of ANONYMOUS and bring us into a closer relationship with the individual who penned the greatest plays in the English language. Since we have now analyzed the top ten male and female Shakespearean performers of the last few decades, today we are going to take a look at some of the most famous lines from Shakespeare's plays and some of the best audiovisual examples of them given full weight in their dramatic context - ROMEO & JULIET, AS YOU LIKE IT, RICHARD III included - with leading players as iconic as Marlon Brando, Kevin Kline, Sir Ian McKellen, Kenneth Branagh and Leonardo Dicaprio! (more...)

BWW Reviews:  Mills and Reichel's THE UNDERCLASSMAN Dazzles With Wit, Melody and IntelligenceBWW Reviews: Mills and Reichel's THE UNDERCLASSMAN Dazzles With Wit, Melody and Intelligence
by Michael Dale - Nov 30, 2014

Peter Mills and Cara Reichel revamp their wonderful F. Scott Fitzgerald musical of nearly ten years ago. (more...)

FLASH FRIDAY: Jule Styne Jubilation! From FUNNY GIRL To GYPSY To PETER PAN & BeyondFLASH FRIDAY: Jule Styne Jubilation! From FUNNY GIRL To GYPSY To PETER PAN & Beyond
by Pat Cerasaro - May 9, 2014

In honor of this weekend's sure-to-be spectacular BroadwayWorld special event EVERYTHING'S COMING UP BROADWAYWORLD.COM: A JULE STYNE TRIBUTE, today we honor the man behind the music for many of the greatest musicals of all time. (more...)

by Pat Cerasaro - May 22, 2011

Today we are setting our sights on the revamped, rewritten version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical sequel to THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA which opens this weekend in Australia - the once-slightly muddled, but melodically rich and dramatically rife LOVE NEVER DIES. Simon Phillips - known for his extravagant opera productions, as well as his musicals such as the recent Australia premieres of William Finn's SPELLING BEE and the Australian, Toronto and Broadway productions of PRISCILLA: QUEEN OF THE DESERT, which just opened this season - has completely re-imagined the show complete with roller coasters, carousels and more thrills than Coney Island - which is just as it should be given the story! Finally - thrills, chills and some operatic trills. Plus - showgirls, freaks, a carousel, the Phantom's son, and more! Down once more to the Phantom's lair we go… (more...)

SPOTLIGHT ON THE 2011 TONY AWARDS:  DAY 3 - Sutton Foster Shows OffSPOTLIGHT ON THE 2011 TONY AWARDS: DAY 3 - Sutton Foster Shows Off
by Pat Cerasaro - May 15, 2011

As a super-special Spring extension of BroadwayWorld's SOUND OFF column, every day until the Tony Awards on June 12 we will be presenting a spectacular new entry in the SPOTLIGHT ON THE 2011 TONY AWARDS series featuring a particularly entertaining, interesting, relevant and exciting Tony Awards-related clip from the last sixty-three years of the ceremonies (and subsequent seasons on Broadway) with a rundown and commentary on the sights, sounds and showmanship on display in each carefully chosen selection - all, of course, coming in anticipation of Broadway's biggest night, which will be broadcast on CBS this year, as always. Once again this year, BroadwayWorld is the official home of the 2011 Tony Awards and we will also be featuring exclusive interviews, articles, photos, video content, interactive features and more in the coming days and weeks leading up to the event so be sure to check back daily for your theatre fix! (more...)

30 Days Of The 2014 Tony Awards: Day #29 - GYPSY30 Days Of The 2014 Tony Awards: Day #29 - GYPSY
by Pat Cerasaro - May 11, 2014

Today we continue the 2014 edition of our annual BroadwayWorld feature series spotlighting the very best Tony Awards-related moments of all time with a special spotlight on one of the most revered and revived musicals of all time, GYPSY! (more...)

Stoneham Theatre Marathon Team Hosts CARBO-LOADING DINNER 4/14Stoneham Theatre Marathon Team Hosts CARBO-LOADING DINNER 4/14
by BWW News Desk - Mar 31, 2010

On April 19th five runners will set off from Hopkinton, MA with their hearts pumping to Beat the Band. Landers Symes, Lee Griffiths, Matt Chapuran, Mike Elmer, and Weylin Symes formed Team Stoneham Theatre last summer to run the Boston Marathon. (more...)

Women Who Made Theater History: Producer Nelle NugentWomen Who Made Theater History: Producer Nelle Nugent
by Adrienne Onofri - Mar 19, 2005

In the third in a series of Women's History Month profiles, Nugent talks about producing hits and flops, getting backers, making movies and leveling the playing field for women in theater. (more...)

Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip Gives Away Hard Rock Calling London TripHard Rock Cafe on the Strip Gives Away Hard Rock Calling London Trip
by BWW News Desk - Mar 11, 2011

Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip is giving away an all expense paid trip to London's "Hard Rock Calling" festival at The English Beat show on March 18. (more...)

bergenPAC Presents Ska Revivalist Group The English Beat, 7/23bergenPAC Presents Ska Revivalist Group The English Beat, 7/23
by BWW News Desk - Jun 19, 2014

Bergen Performing Arts Center located at 30 North Van Brunt Street in Englewood, New Jersey presents The English Beat Wednesday, July 23rd 2014 at 8PM. Be sure to reserve tickets to see this ska revivalist group at or Box Office at 201.227.1030. (more...)

BWW Reviews: It's one Helluva ON THE TOWN at Barrington StageBWW Reviews: It's one Helluva ON THE TOWN at Barrington Stage
by Larry Murray - Jun 17, 2013

The full Bernstein score honors ON THE TOWN, not the truncated movie version, on stage with a great cast, stunning choreography and a fresh new approach under the artful hand of John Rando, director. (more...)

SOUND OFF: 13 Things To Love About Michael Mott's WHERE THE SKY ENDSSOUND OFF: 13 Things To Love About Michael Mott's WHERE THE SKY ENDS
by Pat Cerasaro - Jul 14, 2014

Today we are turning our attention to a praise-worthy new compilation celebrating up-and-coming composer Michael Mott, WHERE THE SKY ENDS. (more...)

by Pat Cerasaro - Jul 11, 2012

Today we are taking a look at one of the most electrifying television series of all time as Season Four hits DVD and we approach the final season premiere tonight at 9 PM on DirecTV - the dark and spotted cat-and-mouse legal thriller DAMAGES, starring Glenn Close and Rose Byrne. By taking a closer look back at Season Four and its unforgettable guest starring performances by John Goodman, Chris Messina and Dylan Baker as Hewes & Associates became entangled with some Blackwater-esque military-minded wheeler dealers and mercenaries - as does Ellen (Byrne), now working for the DA's office - with, expectedly, it all culminating in copious bloodshed, perhaps we can uncover some clues as to where we will be heading in Season Five and the final ten episodes that begin airing tonight and the series comes to its conclusion. If the promos that have been airing on DirecTV and around the internet are any indication as to the titillating and terrifying thrills in store for us with new featured guest stars Ryan Phillippe, Jenna Elfman and Janet McTeer and the returns of Season Four standouts Chris Messina, Judd Hirsch and Zachary Boopth; as well as, one can assume, a spare ghost or two, too. Indeed, it has been a breathless and breathtaking trip so far on DAMAGES and it has been a revealing, rewarding and ultimately resplendently rich journey over the last six years or so to see the epic highs and lows of master attorney Patty Hewes, the (mostly) noble efforts of her attentive and intelligent protege Ellen Parsons and the various figures who populate the cold and foreboding atmosphere of a hellish New York City that permeates nearly every frame of every episode of the series - and always has; and, we can safely assume, always will. (more...)

SOUND OFF: GLEE En Espanol (With Ricky Martin!)SOUND OFF: GLEE En Espanol (With Ricky Martin!)
by Pat Cerasaro - Feb 8, 2012

Completing the Lima Sound Machine in a truly terrific way, Ricky Martin made his highly-awaited GLEE debut last night and the word on the tips of tongues wagging across the country today is undoubtedly duende. Dwarf, you say? No, not dwarf - to paraphrase the idea of the term, a passion for performance. That being the definition, no show currently on TV packs more duende into each and every minute than GLEE. A dramatic and musical marriage to Beat the Band and infusing the show with some spine-tingling spark and verve, Ricky Martin made his musical moments really matter. Both Ricky's cover of LMFAO's international smash hit, remixed and sung alongside none other than Madonna on Sunday night's Super Bowl, "Sexy And I Know It" - in a new bilingual iteration - and Madonna's own "La Isla Bonita", in a moving and exceedingly pleasing pairing with Season 3 standout Naya Rivera, allowed for Ricky Martin to make his musical mark on the GLEE universe in much the same way Neil Patrick Harris, Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Gwyneth Paltrow and many other featured guest stars have done in leaving indelible impressions that still linger in the memory. The Ian Brennan-penned "The Spanish Teacher" occasionally may have lapsed into Season Two variety show territory, but acted as an enlivening - and, eventually, surprisingly poignant - episode to occur at this point in the show's history. Will David Ramirez return to McKinley High to guest lecture a glee club rehearsal or two? We will have to stayed tuned to see - and hear - but, until then, this episode went a long way in furthering Sue's development as well as giving Finn and Kurt a welcome bonding scene. Beyond all that, though, Matt Morrison played a hard-to-swallow storyline about a non-Spanish speaking Spanish teacher with finesse and ease, letting Martin shine - or, should I say, twinkle. Like teeth - or stars - that is. (more...)

FLASH SPECIAL: A Philip Seymour Hoffman Memorial - The Many Reasons Why He Was The Undisputed Master, Onstage & OnscreenFLASH SPECIAL: A Philip Seymour Hoffman Memorial - The Many Reasons Why He Was The Undisputed Master, Onstage & Onscreen
by Pat Cerasaro - Feb 3, 2014

One of the greatest actors of his generation, Philip Seymour Hoffman has left behind an astoundingly rich and varied resume in his shocking and unexpected death reported on Sunday - sterling Tony Award-worthy stage turns to remarkable Academy Award-winning work onscreen to his own directing and producing ventures. Now, we celebrate the stage and screen work that made Hoffman one of the most consistently compelling characters in the modern entertainment age - each and every performance imbued with a special kind of magic few can conjure once, let alone repeatedly. (more...)

FLASH SPECIAL: Unforgettable Oscars PerformancesFLASH SPECIAL: Unforgettable Oscars Performances
by Pat Cerasaro - Feb 23, 2013

Today we are shifting our focus from the stages of Broadway and beyond to the stages of the previous 84 Academy Awards telecasts that have transpired to date, in anticipation of Sunday night's big, big, big show. After all, this year's Academy Awards is of particular interest and excitement to theatre fans around the globe, especially because super-producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron are behind it - the men responsible for the hit stage-to-screen adaptations of CHICAGO and HAIRSPRAY, as well as the small-screen successes GYPSY, LIFE WITH JUDY GARLAND: ME & MY SHADOWS, ANNIE, and, most recently, NBC's musical series SMASH, to name a few of their many marvelous musical-friendly credits. They told me themselves earlier this week that this year's telecast would be the most music-packed Academy Awards show to date, and, just judging from the announced tributes, performers and presenters thus far it is clear to see that they were not kidding - reunions of the casts of the film versions of CHICAGO and LES MISERABLES live onstage, singing their film's most famous songs to Jennifer Hudson leading a DREAMGIRLS tribute all the way to a James Bond 50th anniversary celebration featuring Adele and Shirley Bassey on some famous Bond themes, as well as Barbra Streisand herself singing 'The Way We Were' in memory of friend and collaborator, three-time Oscar-winner Marvin Hamlisch. (more...)

SOUND OFF: SMASH Casts Its MarilynSOUND OFF: SMASH Casts Its Marilyn
by Pat Cerasaro - Feb 14, 2012

Last night, SMASH cast Marilyn Monroe in the big Broadway musical based on her life at the show's center. Or, did they? While Ivy Lynn (Megan Hilty) may have done whatever it took to make an impression on the show's lothario director, Derek (Jack Davenport), it was Ivy's long-standing friendship with the songwriting team of Julia & Tom (Debra Messing & Christian Borle) and the belief in her readily apparent talent by the lead producer, Eileen (Anjelica Huston), that really sealed the deal. So, where does that leave Karen (Katharine McPhee)? In the chorus, it seems - at least for now. The drama escalated and reached an early peak along with the crescendos of Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman's smashing "Twentieth Century Fox Mambo" showstopper - the musical highlight of the impossibly strong second episode - as the heated fully-staged and fully-choreographed audition gave way to a dream reality which finally showed us all out there in the audience what a Karen/Marilyn could potentially be: a true blonde bombshell to Beat the Band. Of course, nothing is quite so cut and dry as it may appear and Karen may get her chance in the spotlight on the actual Marilyn musical's stage after all. Yet, for the next few episodes at least, Ivy is the star of the show - and she is going to wring every last wiggle, coo and peck out of the role. Plus, who can put over a number in true Broadway fashion - as Marilyn Monroe, perfectly played, no less - than Megan Hilty? Did you hear her line in the newly envisioned 'Let Me Be Your Star'? In much the same way as Hilty with the Broadway pizazz, McPhee effortlessly puts over treacherously tricky pop songs with smoothness, sweetness and near-tangible sincerety and conviction. Which way will the score ultimately go - and, furthermore, what shall be of the show that contains it? Will the musical be more Norma Jean or more Marilyn, thus more befitting of Karen or Ivy, respectively? Who knows, perhaps there ultimately will be two Marilyns required - as was proposed in this very column last week at this time and seems the logical ultimate conclusion of the casting dilemma at the show's core. We will certainly have to wait and find out what happens next on SMASH and what the show ends up requiring of its incredibly talented cast of hoofers and stars-to-be. Plus, Nick Jonas, Uma Thurman and Bernadette Peters make guest star debuts in the next several weeks! (more...)

SOUND OFF: The First Five Things You Need To Know About THE LAST FIVE YEARS MovieSOUND OFF: The First Five Things You Need To Know About THE LAST FIVE YEARS Movie
by Pat Cerasaro - Feb 13, 2015

Today we are reviewing the hotly anticipated feature film adaptation of THE LAST FIVE YEARS, starring Jeremy Jordan and Anna Kendrick, now available nationwide on VOD and in select cinemas. (more...)

Stoneham Theatre Marathon Team Hosts CARBO-LOADING DINNER 4/14Stoneham Theatre Marathon Team Hosts CARBO-LOADING DINNER 4/14
by BWW News Desk - Apr 14, 2010

On April 19th five runners will set off from Hopkinton, MA with their hearts pumping to Beat the Band. Landers Symes, Lee Griffiths, Matt Chapuran, Mike Elmer, and Weylin Symes formed Team Stoneham Theatre last summer to run the Boston Marathon. (more...)

FLASH FRIDAY: Leguizamo: Kartoon PEST to Shakespeare KLOWNFLASH FRIDAY: Leguizamo: Kartoon PEST to Shakespeare KLOWN
by Pat Cerasaro - Apr 1, 2011

This week, in a corollary column to tonight's InDepth InterView: John Leguizamo, who can currently be seen nightly in his one-man-show GHETTO KLOWN on Broadway, we have an abundance of performance clips from his past stage shows - FREAK, SEXAHOLIX, SPIC-O-RAMA and more - as well as clips from his most beloved films - THE PEST, CARLITO'S WAY and TO WONG FOO, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, JULIE NEWMAR, among others - as well as a look at his most memorable and mind-blowing characters - ranging from Tybalt in Baz Luhrmann's ROMEO + JULIET to Toulouse Lautrec himself in MOULIN ROUGE - all coming on the heels of the nationwide release of his newest feature film, THE LINCOLN LAWYER, co-starring Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, Josh Lucas and William H. Macy, which we take a cursory look at, too, of course. Plus, some musical theatre parodies, celebrity impressions, his debut appearance in a Madonna music video, and even a visit from Elmo himself! (more...)

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