William Katt News

by BWW News Desk - Aug 30, 2014

The GREATEST AMERICAN HERO of the '80s has returned. According to Entertainment Weekly, Fox has planned a reboot of Stephen J. Cannell's dramedy series about an average school teacher who discovers a superhero suit that gives him super powers. (more...)

BWW Reviews: Bob Fosse Magic Comes to Austin with PIPPIN
by Jeff Davis - Aug 01, 2013

Tackling a show like Pippin takes some major cojones. The original Bob Fosse production featured an iconic, Tony Award winning performance from Ben Vereen and was the first Broadway musical to feature the work of composer/lyricist Stephen Schwartz. The current Broadway revival of Pippin just won four Tony Awards for Best Featured Actress, Best Actress, Best Direction of a Musical, and Best Revival of a Musical. Pippin is certainly not a safe choice for a troupe of young performers like the High School and college age artists of SummerStock Austin. That said, the award-winning SummerStock Austin never takes the safe road, and their courageousness pays off with their exciting, enjoyable, and thrilling production of Pippin. (more...)

2013 Tony Awards Clip Countdown: #13 - PIPPIN & Magic To Do
by Pat Cerasaro - May 28, 2013

Today we are continuing BroadwayWorld's 2013 Tony Awards Clip Countdown with a special spotlight focused on 10-time 2013 Tony Award-nominated Best Revival, PIPPIN, which was also the recipient of five 1973 Tony Awards. (more...)

BWW Interviews: Brent Crayon Discusses the Life and Crazy Schedule of a Music Director
by Ellen Dostal - Apr 11, 2013

Ask Brent Crayon what it's like to music direct for composers such asJohn Bucchino and Stephen Schwartz and the answer may surprise you (more...)

FLASH SPECIAL: Magic To Do! PIPPIN Prepares For First Broadway Revival
by Pat Cerasaro - Jan 12, 2013

"We've got magic to do, just for you!" sing the weird and slightly worrisome band of players in the uniquely compelling 1970s classic PIPPIN, by Stephen Schwartz and Roger O. Hirson. While the creation of the original Broadway production in 1972 was plagued with problems - none the least of which being the composer/lyricist, Schwartz, and the show's choreographer/director, Bob Fosse, failing to see eye to eye on virtually anything, resulting in Schwartz's barring from rehearsals and much of his input denied - it went on to become a Tony Award-winning mega-hit, running for nearly 2000 performances before it closed in 1977. The score even had a few crossover pop/rock bids thanks to the Jackson 5 and The Supremes utilizing the sounds of Schartz's contemporary and radio-friendly score, with a cast album on the Motown record label, no less (and some funky new arrangements and orchestrations augmenting the sterling Ralph Burns originals, as a result). Starring Fosse muse Ben Vereen in one of his most sensational and unforgettable musical roles - which is really saying something - PIPPIN is an indescribable musical in many ways, but the powerful pull that the music and Fosse's original staging had, mixed with the narcissistic flower power message at the core, made it a hit. While the book may have its flaws - and, believe me, it does - the sassy, spunky, try-anything vibe of the show makes it an endearing, playful, and, ultimately, rewarding theatrical experience. With news coming this week that the new Boston Conservatory production of PIPPIN is coming to Broadway later this season, directed by lauded HAIR revival helmer Diane Paulus and produced by CHICAGO super-producers Fran and Barry Weissler, 2013 will mark the first time Charlemagne's son will had treaded the boards in almost forty years. From PIPPIN, PIPPIN at Carnegie Mellon in 1967, written by Schwartz as an undergrad at Carnegie Mellon, through to the Broadway production in 1972, titled PIPPIN: HIS LIFE & TIMES, and, now, with the new Paulus circus-style staging (choreographed "in the style of Bob Fosse", natch, by Chet Walker), PIPPIN is poised to come alight once more - and, based on the preliminary reviews, the new production seems to be more than merely "on the right track", to crib a phrase from the musical's hit-packed song stack. Come the dawn of some say this spring, "Morning Glow" will be here, once more… at last. (more...)

DOWNTON ABBEY Season 3 Among PBS's Winter/Spring 2013 Lineup
by TV News Desk - Dec 06, 2012

The Crawley family's fate hangs in the balance when MASTERPIECE CLASSIC "Downton Abbey, Season 3" returns in January. (more...)

FLASH FRIDAY: A Stephen Schwartz Salute - From GODSPELL To WICKED
by Pat Cerasaro - Oct 14, 2011

This week we are shining our brightest of spotlights on one of the most successful composers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries - thanks in no small part to his classic scores for GODSPELL, PIPPIN and WICKED - who is also known for his extensive, multi-Oscar-winning movie work - lyrics for POCAHANTAS and THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME; music and lyrics for THE PRINCE OF EGYPT - yet, to many Broadway babies, Stephen Schwartz is beloved most of all for his lesser-known scores that perhaps contain his richest material of all - THE BAKER'S WIFE and CHILDREN OF EDEN topping the list. While GODSPELL, PIPPIN and THE MAGIC SHOW all ran concurrently on Broadway in the mid-1970s when Schwartz was still only in his twenties, the 1980s proved to be far less frugal with a string of unsuccessful ventures that nevertheless possessed many compositional charms that have since become hallmarks of his work - look no further than WORKING's intellectual and moving ballad "Fathers & Sons"; or, better yet, the near-indescribable power of the subtly pop-influenced "Meadowlark" in the otherwise Gallic score of THE BAKER'S WIFE. While his considerable commercial success was partially due in no small part to his partnership with master animated musical tunesmith Alan Menken working on the songs for POCAHANTAS and THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, Schwartz provided one of the most memorable and epic animated film scores of all-time with his solo Oscar-winning work on THE PRINCE OF EGYPT for DreamWorks - nabbing a Best Song Oscar for the hit Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey duet "When You Believe" (sung by Michele Pfeiffer in the context of the film itself). Nevertheless, onstage, the 1990s proved to be less fruitful for Schwartz, especially with his stunning work on the immensely impressive score for CHILDREN OF EDEN going virtually unnoticed as the show stumbled to a quick closure in the West End (although the Papermill Playhouse staged it more successfully later in the decade). THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME found new life in Germany thanks to a visually arresting production directed by James Lapine, as well as a more rounded-out score with a number of new compositions added to the mix of the gothic music by Menken with lyrics by Schwartz. Of course, the biggest success of Schwartz's career was still yet to come: WICKED may have come to New York with a whimper originally, but it has roared louder than the MGM lion himself for the last eight years on Broadway - and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. WICKED is the hit of the century so far, no question, and, considering Stephen Schwartz already has three bonafide hits on his resume thanks to Bob Fosse's multi-Tony Award-winning original mounting of PIPPIN, along with the original productions of GODSPELL and THE MAGIC SHOW, celebrating his career with a fresh new production of his first musical, GODSPELL - now at the Circle In The Square - seems to be the perfect way to honor one of Broadway's brightest talents. So, that makes two on Broadway... but, what will be the third to mark the forty year anniversary of his record? Perhaps that is an answer we will find inside! Prepare ye the way of Stephen Schwartz! (more...)

Photo Flash: El Portal Theater Presents Ballroom With A Twist
by BWW News Desk - Jan 25, 2011

'Ballroom With A Twist' at the El Portal Theatre drew, quite possibly, the most eclectic audience in the history of the landmark venue. (more...)

InDepth InterView: Betty Buckley
by Pat Cerasaro - Oct 15, 2010

Few stars - or even legends, like this one - boast a resume that includes a Tony Award, the leading role on one of the most cherished sitcoms of the early eighties, a star-making film debut in one of the greatest horror films ever made (with one of the most exciting casts ever assembled), as well as an unparalleled career on the concert and cabaret stages around the world - in addition to a dozen or so leading roles in musicals on Broadway and in the West End, and just as many notable film roles, ranging from intimate indies to big-budget behemoths. Yes, Betty Buckley has conquered every arena of entertainment and it is a rare thrill to reveal such exciting news as Ms. Buckley revealed to me in our comprehensive conversation last week. In this BroadwayWorld Exclusive InDepth InterView we discuss her upcoming albums, BOOTLEG: BOARD MIXES FROM THE ROAD and GHOSTLIGHT - the latter produced by Oscar and Grammy-winning producer extraordinaire T Bone Burnett - both in connection to her Town Hall concert on October 16th. Here you will also find the first news of working with Jason Moore, Jake Shears and the rest of the cast and crew of the hotly anticipated new musical based on Armistead Maupin's TALES OF THE CITY premiering next Spring in San Francisco where Ms. Buckley is creating the lead role of Anna Madrigal. We also talk the recent big Emmy-winner out of all of TV this year, HBO's miniseries THE PACIFIC. In this illuminating conversation, Ms. Buckley bares all and reveals that it is the supreme dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to craft that has helped her to become one of the biggest Broadway names of our age with an astoundingly accomplished career almost beyond any comparison. And if all of this breaking news weren't enough, this is the complete unedited conversation where we also look back and talk about everything from CARRIE to TENDER MERCIES, CATS to SUNSET BLVD, William Finn to WYATT EARP, Roman Polanski to Robert Duvall, cabaret to country concert stage and much, much more. Now is the very best time of all to let the memory live again, so it's all eyes (feline and otherwise) on the extraordinary future in the life and career of the legendary Betty Buckley! (more...)

Syfy Presents THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO Marathon 7/4
by BWW News Desk - Jul 04, 2010

Syfy celebrates America's birthday with a 20-hour July 4th marathon of the cult classic The Greatest American Hero, which hasn't been seen on national television since its original network run in 1983. The holiday celebration airs Sunday, July 4, from 9AM-5AM (ET/PT). (more...)

Syfy Celebrates Summer 2010 With First Ever Thursday Night Reality Block
by TV News Desk - Jun 02, 2010

Syfy celebrates Summer 2010 with its first ever Thursday night reality block (Mary Knows Best and Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files); new scripted series (Haven) based on a Stephen King novella; popular returning series (Warehouse 13, Eureka, Ghost Hunters Academy and Ghost Hunters International), and fan favorite Saturday Original Movies including Stonehenge Apocalypse and Lake Placid 3, along with a Memorial Day weekend movie marathon and a special July 4th presentation of The Greatest American Hero. (more...)

Syfy Presents THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO Marathon 7/4
by TV News Desk - Jun 01, 2010

Syfy celebrates America's birthday with a 20-hour July 4th marathon of the cult classic The Greatest American Hero, which hasn't been seen on national television since its original network run in 1983. The holiday celebration airs Sunday, July 4, from 9AM-5AM (ET/PT). (more...)

Changed for Good: An Evening with Stephen Schwartz
by BWW - Aug 02, 2007

If you closed your eyes last night,you would have thought you were back in New York even though you knew you had just valeted your car in West Hollywood. Yes, Broadway came to Hollywood to a new, beautiful new supper club called Eleven for 'Changed for Good: An Intimate Evening with Stephen Schwartz.' (more...)

The (non) FICTION of Emily Bergl
by Craig Brockman - Jul 26, 2004

Emily Bergl (FICTION) talks about journals, secrets and her career. (more...)