The Barter Players to Present THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES, 4/3-26

The Barter Players to Present THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES, 4/3-26

There are all kinds of lies. There are fibs, inconsequential lies. There are little white likes, trivial, diplomatic or well-intentioned untruths. And there are whoppers, blatant lies that could result in harsh consequences. But before you try to explain the hierarchy of lie telling to your eight-year-old, remember that honesty is always the best policy.

The Barter Players present "The Emperor's New Clothes" April 3-26 at Barter Stage II. Twelve performances are scheduled, and tickets are $12 for ages 17 and under and $14 for adults. School and group rates are available.

Meet Brown, an advisor to the Emperor of Greenshrub. She has an eight-year-old son, Robin. Like most children, Robin is like a little sponge absorbing all the behaviors and habits, both good and bad, of the people around him, especially his mother.

But little Robin can't understand why week after week, the Emperor parades around in his new, expensive and very silly outfits, and everybody goes on and on about how beautiful they are. In Robin's opinion, the Emperor's clothes are just plain silly, and he's about to find the courage to tell the truth.

Karen Sabo, Barter alum and theatre director of In/Visible Theatre in Boone, NC, adapted the story in 2005. The theme of truth vs socialized lying intrigued Sabo. "It really hit home when I became a mother," she said. "Being a mom who aspires to be truthful with my daughter has caused me to be a more open-minded person who questions conventions more than I did before, and I have my kid to thank for it. "

The Emperor's New Clothes is a delightfully funny story of morals that is presented in a way that is perfect for children. The show is sponsored by Timothy E. Collins Pediatric Dentistry and media partners Blue Ridge PBS and ABC 19 WKPT. For tickets and more information, call 276.628.3991 or visit

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