BAT-HAMLET, THE BALLAD OF NIGHT MOOSE & More Set for Alley Theater's 2014 SUPERHUMAN Festival

BAT-HAMLET, THE BALLAD OF NIGHT MOOSE & More Set for Alley Theater's 2014 SUPERHUMAN Festival

The Alley Theater has announced the lineup of plays for the 2014 Superhuman: A Festival of New American Superhero Theater!

After a lengthy selection process which included 250 submissions from all over the world, the selections were narrowed down to 2 full-length plays, 6 short plays and 1 monologue that will be performed at the new Alley Theater at 633 West Main Street, March 28-April 19.

The full festival schedule as well as ticket information will be available soon, and plenty of information will be provided on the playwrights, directors and creative forces taking part in the festival.

The 2014 Superhuman: A Festival of New American Superhero Theater lineup is as follows:

Full-length plays

Bat-Hamlet by Jordan Pulliam. Directed by Kathryn Furrow.
King Police Commissioner Gordrick has been murdered! What else is a brooding young prince to do but put on an antic disposition (and mask and cape) and investigate this rash and bloody deed? There may be a method to his madness, but will it save the day or destroy them all?

The Ballad of Night Moose by Lex Mitchell and Ben Unwin. Directed by Todd Zeigler
Manuel, sexy and villainous crime lord, rules Chicago 2 (resting quietly on the shores of Nebraska) with an iron fist and his army of henchmen, all named Jeff. But Manuel's days may be numbered as a new hero comes to town - the unstoppable, terrifying Night Moose!

Short plays & monologues

Bullet by Rick Allden. Directed by Michael Ray Harris
Charlie is a private investigator who solves people's problems. His methods are unorthodox, but one thing is for sure: he gets the job done like no other.

The Adventures of Jim by Nate Devoll. Directed by Daniel Smith
Jim knows it's hard being roommates with a superhero. Especially when her arch-nemesis kidnaps you, and you have to fend for yourself.

Invisible Man by Mark Cornell. Directed by Valerie Hopkins
Rachel wants a boyfriend who sees her for her beauty. Dave just wants to be seen.

The Adventures of Mildly Depressed Man by Jack Helbig. Directed by Kenn Parks.
The world is in danger from the likes of The Miasma and The Bi-Polar Twins, and only Mildly Depressed Man can save the day! If he can bring himself to leave his Fortress of Despondency and get over Passive-Aggressive Girl, that is.

The 5564 to Toronto by Karen Howes. Directed by Scott Davis
Gavin has an unusual calling: he receives messages to save people. He's saved them all - but how can he prove it if they're still alive? The answer may mean life or death to Molly.

Growing Feathers by Eva Moon. Directed by Todd Ziegler
Corinne has never had much luck with men. Whenever she finds herself in the throes of passion, she has an unusual reaction. But she may have finally found Mister Perfect. Or maybe not...

Close Encounter by Robin Pond. Directed by Kimby Peterson.
Jack hasn't had much luck on the dating scene. Then he meets Jill, who is perfect, too good to be true and out of this world.

Photo Credit: The Alley Theater

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