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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to Broadway 2017?
Started By: brdwybound04
191,3057/24/16 12:52am
shuffle along cast cd
Started By: bryan
424,6707/24/16 12:47am
And the 2016 Hollywood Bowl Summer Musical Is...???
Started By: Rob
7514,0837/24/16 12:40am
Cats Previews
Started By: Keiichi2
20855,2507/24/16 12:26am
Waitress ticket advice for the Mom
Started By: TigerBait88
93897/24/16 12:15am
Jonathan Groff gets frank & funny at world premiere of 'Looking' movie; dishes about filming & sex scenes
Started By: Wayman_Wong
232,9967/24/16 12:05am
All female Japanese production of Chicago at Lincoln Center
Started By: Islander_fan
214,5907/23/16 11:58pm
Why is Laurens Interlude cut from Hamilton cast recording?
Started By: Dancingthrulife2
177,8777/23/16 11:33pm
Waking A Stranger Up At The Theater?
Started By: NewYorkTheater
201,5957/23/16 11:00pm
Company--the Long Beach Civic Opera production with Carol Burnett?
Started By: EricMontreal22
22577/23/16 11:00pm
MY FAIR LADY Revival Back On For Next Spring?
Started By: Jordan Catalano
11610,3787/23/16 11:00pm
Hamilton Performance Added! Tix Just released! Nov. 6th
Started By: bstoll1
475,4227/23/16 10:53pm
Groundhog Day Starts Today
Started By: Kevin98
182,0437/23/16 10:26pm
The Thread for HAMILTON Fans/Obsessives [SPOILERS AHEAD]
Started By: BroadwayConcierge
1,020994,7167/23/16 10:20pm
Hamilton Ticket Tuesday 7/26 for Sale
Started By: Dolly's Levi's
12627/23/16 10:16pm
Hamilton Cancellation Line
Started By: Buddy Plummer2
3,491762,3027/23/16 9:51pm
Official "Beauty & the Beast" Film Adaptation Thread
Started By: n2nbaby
841421,3537/23/16 9:45pm
Privacy Previews (Spoilers Inside)
Started By: Fantod
265,4077/23/16 9:42pm
Which soundtrack are you currently listening to on repeat?
Started By: TheSassySam
471,6737/23/16 9:31pm
Dolly's Levi's
CATS revival scenic design vs Original Broadway Scenic design
Started By: broadwayguy91
413,4197/23/16 8:31pm
Justin D
Cabaret Tour
Started By: ChrisTyler12882
5311,4827/23/16 7:57pm
Selling lots of Broadway items (Signed Cd's, playbills, show props)
Started By: Broadway_Boy
213,9327/23/16 7:15pm
Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon alternating in LITTLE FOXES
Started By: WayTooBroadway
283,2887/23/16 6:24pm
Harriet Craig
45 Dollar Cats Tickets
Started By: rangersrule132
24387/23/16 5:56pm
Prince of Egypt Concert - Long Island
Started By: theatregoer3
624,0407/23/16 5:24pm
James Corden - general perceptions?
Started By: MarkBearSF
292,3917/23/16 5:24pm
American Psycho sheet music available
Started By: tazber
221,7717/23/16 3:46pm
OSLO Ticket Swap - July 30
Started By: DressedInYourPajamas
11507/23/16 3:23pm
Amber Gray appreciation
Started By: JBroadway
22697/23/16 3:22pm
Riedel on Garth Drabinsky producing Madame Sousatzka
Started By: 10086sunset
151,4777/23/16 2:45pm
Show Help
Started By: minicko88
228097/23/16 2:32pm
Hamilton Cancellation Line
Started By: lgm20162
01707/23/16 2:28pm
WANTED: Barbra Cook 54 Bellow tickets
Started By: Relevance81491
46347/23/16 2:14pm
WAR PAINT - Pre-Broadway Thread
Started By: jacobsnchz14
23849,9447/23/16 1:39pm
Hamilton line
Started By: lgm20162
01887/23/16 1:32pm
Confirmed! Tony Winner Heather Headley to Lead BODYGUARD Musical; Talks West End, Broadway
Started By: macbeth
4326,2667/23/16 12:58pm
Shakespeare in Love NY transfer?
Started By: JVJ93
64797/23/16 12:04pm
An American In Paris Closing
Started By: Jessetenny
539,5107/23/16 11:49am
Titanic Cut Songs
Started By: sondheim94
1318,3297/23/16 11:41am
The Chinese Room at WTF Ticket
Started By: bungalowbob2
0757/23/16 11:27am
The Official TDF Thread
Started By: BroadwayConcierge
21842,4877/23/16 9:38am
Shubert Theater seating, Dolly tickets
Started By: Stage Door Sally
12797/23/16 8:50am
Notreallysilent 2
Kinky Boots in Japan
Started By: ChrisTyler12882
01387/23/16 6:44am
Super Duper Sad Songs
Started By: ThatBeltyWhiteChic
2815,6907/23/16 3:34am
Phantom of the Opera Question
Started By: MrMidwest
223,5767/23/16 1:12am
Carmen Cusack
Started By: TFMH18
9419,0187/23/16 12:49am
Significant Other on Broadway
Started By: neonlightsxo
627,2627/23/16 12:28am
An Act of God Rush
Started By: hes16
93917/22/16 11:18pm
NYC Fringe Festival 2016
Started By: RUkiddingme
01117/22/16 10:55pm
Notes From the Field at 2econd Stage
Started By: orlikethecolorpurple
01357/22/16 10:51pm

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Parade in Long IslandParade
Merrick Theatre and Center for the Arts
(Runs 5/13 - 6/11)
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert in Long IslandPriscilla, Queen of the Desert
Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts
(Runs 7/20 - 8/6) CAST
The Will Rogers Follies in Long IslandThe Will Rogers Follies
Bayway Arts Center
(Runs 8/13 - 8/28)
Alice In Wonderland in Long IslandAlice In Wonderland
United Methodist Church
(Runs 7/29 - 7/31)
James and the Giant Peach at The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre in Long IslandJames and the Giant Peach at The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre
The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre at CM Performing Arts Center
(Runs 8/6 - 8/20)


Save $$$ on Tickets to: