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David Babich Studio Voice Lessons

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DATE POSTED: 3/20/2012
PHONE #: 310-559-9196
ADDRESS: Los Angeles, CA

Listing Information: Lessons consist of breathing and support exercises, vocalizations, and song coaching.

Vocal Cord Function: Are the vocal folds vibrating against one another in a safe and efficient manner?

Breath Support: The relationship between airflow and air pressure, and how this is connected to vocal cord function.

Ear/Intonation: Singing right on pitch, and the ability to recall a series of tones (tonal memory)

Resonance : The manner in which air vibrates through bones and crevices in the head. It is resonance which gives a singer ‘color’, and creates a palette of specific sounds.

Performance: Confidence, Emotional Connection and Expression.

These areas of vocal study in addition to several others will be addressed and developed on an ongoing basis as we work to unlock your natural, free voice.