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Alchemical Theatre Laboratory

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DATE POSTED: 12/11/2012
PHONE #: 212-675-1390
ADDRESS: 137 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011

Listing Information: The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory is a unique downtown theatre for experimental theatre, music and performance. Following each event, we encourage salon-like gatherings with a food & wine reception, in an atmosphere of congenial discourse, to promote intellectual community among thoughtful artists and free spirits.

Feel free to call us anytime about how we can partner with you to make your show the best it can be at Alchemical Theatre Laboratory. We serve the off-off community and understand how important your work is.

Smaller readings and events from $100/night
Runs of shows begin at $300/night (60-seat white box theatre with full lights & surround sound, modular platforms, flexible seating/stage, and option for reception or green room). Free tech time and discount rates on rehearsals. We set up online ticketing for you. Half of booking is required on signing the contract, balance due on last night. We post your show on our website and facebook. Additional room for reception and/or dressing room for $75/night.

Directors, Carlo Altomare and Gia Lisa Krahne