BWW Reviews: PRIDE & PREJUDICE in Cincinnati

BWW Reviews: PRIDE & PREJUDICE in Cincinnati

Playhouse is the Park is putting on their production of Pride & Prejudice. Pride & Prejudice has been performed and made into movies multiple times so critiquing the play itself is kind of pointless because most of us have made up our minds already on whether we like it or not. I happen to think it is a great play and enjoy it every time I see a movie version of it or the play version. And this production is no different, I enjoyed it.

There was nothing overtly great or horrible about this production so my standard good and not so good list don't really apply here. The production was solid and there were a few standouts. The relationships between all the sisters was great. Even when they were just in the background they would still be playing or talking to one another and the different relationships between them were on full display. It was subtle and unique and added an extreme value. Kate Cook as Elizabeth was strong; she had the perfect balance between sassy, wit, vulnerability, regret and anger. Watching her journey through all those emotions was a treat and a journey I would definitely want to see again. The Bennet parents (played by John Feltch and Kate Goehring) added great light-hearted fun to the show and had great a parently vibe (albeit different with every child).

The few questions I had while leaving the show were as follows: What was Lady Catherine de Bourgh (played by Deanne Lorette) wearing? Her wardrobe seemed completely out of the time period. Wearing a feather on one's head and the color purple doesn't signify wealth like the wardrobe department intended it to. Why was Mr. Darcy (played by Loren Dunn) acting very strange the whole first act? I get that his character is suppose to be uncomfortable in public settings and around Elizabeth but he seemed like he had some sort of social disorder or was unable to speak at times. I think they should have played that down just a little bit so it comes off endearing and not nutty.

This production is definitely worth the ticket price. It's running at the Cincinnati Playhouse in Park through April 5 and is directed by Blake Robison.

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